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  1. Hey guys, I'm thinking of purchasing the emergency NGX! I'm quite satisfied with the videos I have seen of FS2CREW and the NGX together! One question though - Will FS2CREW affect frames! Like with my NGX I use active sky 2012, VA FINANCIALS ( VAFS ACARS SYSTEM ) plus ORBX airports! When I'm flying to brisbane I push the high teens! Will FS2CREW decrease my performance ? Kind regards
  2. Hey man, I was just checking that's all, I know it dosent have anything to do with the NGX but I knew at the start when I installed the NGX that it required SP2....... I was checking if SP4 did anything!! Thanks for clarifying Jason
  3. Thank you very much for your reply! Much appreciated Jason Norment
  4. Hey guys, So I have ORBX scenery and I was thinking on Downloading SP4 so I can then also download the latest ORBX LIBS also! But I was wondering! Does the NGX like SP4? Will it work or not work any more?? Please help as I love the NGX but I don't want to Fluff up my NGX with SP4 Cheers jason
  5. Okay thanks will do now..... And also I have OZ scenery but the part I downloaded was only for like rockhampton....... I'm not sure why that would have the like of YMML...... Cheers for your help its much appreciated ) Jason
  6. Okay so I turned the night lighting on, got excited them relised it didn't work :(((( I wonder whay it is as all other airports are working fine! It seems to be just the orbx 4
  7. Thanks for the reply, Are you talking about - FTX DAY and FTX NIGHT? Jason
  8. Hey guys This is completely off the topic of PMDG and on the topic or ORBX I have posted this on the ORBX forum but yet no one has gotta to me so I thought I'd give this forum a try <3 Anyways, I own orbx YBBN, YMML, YSCB and YBCS but I'm having a problem at night there is no taxiway / taxiline lighting, does anyone know why this is? Jason
  9. Hi there First time posting It seems that at my ORBX airports ( CANBERRA, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, CAIRNS ) At night there is no taxiline lights! So when I land at YBBN it looks normal but when you try and turn onto the taxiway you can't cause there is no lighting on the taxiways! There runway itself on the runway centre line has lights so I can physically see where I'm going and where the centre line is on the runway but you can't see taxiway centre line lights Does any one no why this is? It's only ORBX scenery that has this problem Jason
  10. Hi there, Glad to see you got your problem sorted Secondly, you can't delete your posts from avsim Regards Jason
  11. Hey Rick, Also I know that most people say to not do this, but I have found that loading everything up ( route, aiport, time, weather ect ) then instead of loading the NGX first up, load the default Cessna, then once you have clicked fly now and it's at the gate at the airport, load the NGX.... Starting the Cessna before the NGX enables all the buttons to be configured properly! I have tried this with success, I know don't need to restart my sim anymore! Hope this helps Jason
  12. Hi there, Yes I had a much similar problem to you. I found that whilst I had both engines fully running fine. When I went to increase thrust only one of my engines would spool and actually respond to my commands. After posting on this forum some gamers came back to me and said make sure you have your throttle axis configured in FSUIPC Jason
  13. Perhaps you have service base failures on in your FMC. Jason
  14. Hi nick Thanks for your reply, ummm to be honest with you, I'm not really sure how to do that. I have had the NGX for over 1 year now and this has never happened to me. I had a malware virus on my computer which I restored my computer back to factory settings. I did this yesterday, after reinstalling everything I thought everything would be normal. And then today when I went to depart Perth after setting up, this problem occurred. I thought i may have clicked something in the FSX ACTIONS option in the FMC... So I'm really not sure If you could be kind enought to show me how to configure the throttle axis through FSUIPC that would be much appreciated. Regards Jason Norment
  15. Hey guys So today I was doing a flight, I had everything setup I started both engines. They both started perfectly, I set flaps checked controls and everything was normal but as I went to increase the throttles so I could taxi to the active only one engine spooled. However both engines are running the right engine only increases thrust. This has never happened to me before Jason May I also include that both engine control colums increase like normal but the right engine only responds
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