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  1. Aren't the detents on the levers actually micro switches and you set them up like a button. The Saitec quadrant has detents which are configured using button assignments, not axis. Rob
  2. Hi, Yes, I have 2 throttles set up to include throttles 1 & 2, spoilers, flaps. The same programming should also work for the CH products as far as I know. If the CH throttle has a reverse thrust detend (switch) this should work. Rob FSUIPC is a really nice piece of software to have, you can control all sorts of switches, axis, throttle, mixture, brakes, fuel etc. If anyone is using the NGX, it's almost essential to have the registered version of FSUIPC. It's not very expensive and opens up a whole new world of controls that you can't d with FSX. Rob
  3. Hi, This is how I have my throttles and reversers set up. The throttles are only set in the Axis part of FSUIPC I do not set the Calibration (if you do set the calibration then they won't work properly) Here is how you set up your Saitek throttles for Reverse Thrust so that it works upon landing. In FSUIPC select Button + Switches Select Profile Specific Select Throttle 1 lever and pull through detent (this is actually a switch) - you should see the Joy# and Btn# change. In the 'Control sent when button pressed' go down the menu to Throttle 1 Decr In the Parameter box enter 0 Check the box 'Control to repeat while held' In the 'Control sent when button released' go down the menu to Throttle 1 Cut In the Parameter box enter 0 Repeat for Throttle 2 Now your reverse thrust will work as soon as you land and pull the levers back through the detent on the TQ Rob
  4. The investigators made an assumption on distance based on remaining fuel. That pilot could have put the T7 down anywhere in the ocrean like the guy that landed in the Hudson. Think they needed to follow the supposed route a bit more closely rather than take to remaining out of fuel. Rob
  5. You can set your throttles up through FSUIPC, but in the second stage - Calibration, make sure they're not calibrated. Only assign the axis and then make sure you have NEVER in the FMC for throttle override. Best bet is to clear any settings in FSUIPC relatin to the throttles and start over again. Remember to unassign any throttle assignments in FS. Rob
  6. DHM and Bump have nothing to do with the aircraft going up and down. You can see that the yoke is going back and forward in the video, either to compensate for nose up or down or to maker the nose go up and down. As it's not the Capt's aircraft it doesn't make any different. It's the weather engine or settings in Opus or FSUIPC. Since day one for the NGX I have used Active Sky in one version or another and never had a problem with porpoising. Rob
  7. Hi, Look up the following on google PMDG 737 NGX FMC Tutorials There are lots of videos for the FMC and 737 NGX in general Rob
  8. Hi, If you keep having to bleed off speed and use the gear to do so, then it coesn't sound like you are managing the plane very well. In all the years I have been simming I hardly ever have "Drag Required" coming up. The limitations are there for a purpose, so that you do not over stress the aircraft and thus safety is the name of the game. Rob
  9. Hi, Have you checked in the FMC to see if your throttle settings are correct? Rob
  10. The main thing is, does the trim do what it's supposed to do. I haven't checked the trim travel on the 738, but it trims correctly when I use the switches whether nose up in climbing or on approach when I want to set the attitude and rate of descent. I assume it is all in the green Rob
  11. Do you have your trim switches set up in FSX or FSUIPC? You should only have them set up in one place. Sounds like you might have them assigned in two places. Rob
  12. mounty

    Smoke effect

    I had this once with the NGX 737 and there was a fix for it but I can't remember what it was. I suggest you try a ticket to PMDG, I think they gave me the answer.. Rob
  13. mounty

    RTO issues

    What does the N1 gauge show after you have clicked the TOGA button and the throttles are advanced? Is it showing approx 98% thrust? Do you hear the engines going to full power? Rob
  14. Sounds like you are coming in nose too high, so it's your landing technique. Reverse thrust can come on before your nose wheel touches down if you've activated it. Check your installation.and run the approach and landing tutorials again. Rob
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