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  1. So, I'm getting to grips with making new liveries - currently mostly GA - and one of the problems that seems to be causing me a real headache is getting the angles correct when a curved shape (i.e like you see here - https://murmerair.com/wp-content/gallery/paint-schemes/pilatus-pc12-scheme-2.jpg ) runs across multiple parts of a texture sheet, or even an entirely different sheet. I can line up the two shapes (with a hefty dose of trial - error - shift it down by 3px etc) but whenever I try to make a new shape to continue a smooth bezier curve on another part of the sheet, I just can't quite seem to get the angles 'right'. Is there some tip / trick to getting this right, other than just 'git gud'? It probably isn't helping that I'm using Carenado / Alabeo aircraft just now, as I've gathered their unwraps are pretty horrid to work with - but people like Ron seem to manage absolutely fine with them.
  2. So, as something of a surprise, PMDG just dropped their updated NGXu base package, and while we're all off scurrying to try it out, I'm sure it won't be long before we're itching to have our virtual FO along for the trip again. I know it probably won't be just a straight port-over from the FS2Crew Reboot, and it'll probably take a while, but would I be correct in saying that most likely we'll see an FS2Crew update for this at some point?
  3. Do you have *both* VHF Nav control panels set to the ILS frequency, and inbound runway course set on both course windows? The autoland system will not engage unless both nav radios and courses are set identically.
  4. I suspect it isn't a bug, as the following paragraph appears in the Continental Airlines MD80 FCOM - 'It is recommended that Indicated Airspeed (IAS) be used as the cruise speed reference. Mach number is a function of OAT and variations thereof cause excessive and unnecessary throttle “hunting.”'
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