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  1. Hi, I use PILOT2ATC as flightplanner and it's great. But when I want to export my FP into the plane's FMC, I get a .fms extension. I believe X-PLANE 11 (which I use) only accepts .flp extensions. So, I get these types of messages on the FMC (for example) LFMT-LFMN.fms: and when I want to load it, it says: "error loading route" "see logfile" How could I do to get my FP correctly imported and usable in theT7? Thanks a lot for your answers MV121
  2. Hi Dave, I'm really sorry to bother you but I've followed thoroughly all your instructions but the Al Traffic doesn't work. I've looked up in the manual and reas (p.18): "Traffic display must be enabled in the configuration for this button to function." OK but I can't find anytraffic display box in Configuration. Where is it? Hope you'll solve my problem MV121
  3. I've ticked that box but nothing happens MV121
  4. Hi, I bought PILOT2ATC yesterday and it's a beautiful software I'm discovering the richness of little by little. So far, so good. But (because there's a "but" otherwise I wouldn't bother you with my ignorance) I can't make the Center on Aircraft button or the Al traffic one. I've installed it as administrator. I managed to load a flightplan in my 757 FMC. On the guide, they suggest that I should enable traffic display in the configuration. I've looked everywhere there but couldn't find any clicking zone to enable that. Can you help me, please. Please, don't let me be misundertood! (famous song of my younger age) Best regards MV121
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