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  1. i have the same problem with NGX and the aerosoft airbusses..in A320 i found the solution by deleting a gauge46.. line in panel.cfg. But in PMDG NGX there is no such thing, so i have not found how to fix it..
  2. By the way, i'm experiencing the same problem with the PMDG NGX... but there is no gauge46 in panel.cfg.. is there something else i can do?
  3. Great answer Dirk98!! thank you so much, the gauge46 solution corrected everything!
  4. How did you force P3D to run with nvidia??
  5. Hello, when i was planning my flight in FSX (in airbus a320 MCDU) the following question has occured: DO REAL PILOTS GUESS THE RUNWAY THAT THEY WILL LAND ACCORDING TO THE WEATHER IN THEIR DESTINATION? or they just entry the flight plan with only the SIDs for the departure,no STARs and they wait to get close to the dastination and the ATC guide them through for the landing? If they actually use the plan with STARs and the ATC change the runway they planned,can they change the plan while in-flight?
  6. Hello, i purchased the Airbus X Extended 3-4 days ago. The plane is great,working great and as realistic as it can be. My question is about the default ATC of FSX. As i begin an IFR flight from an airport to another (using the default FSX flight planner in "free flight", then plan my flight with the aircraft's MCDU the default ATC doesn't let me flight my scheduled plan and is making corrections to my heading and altitude, therefore my scheduled plan (with sids and stars etc) is useless. (Note that i get the flight plan that i insert in MCDU from vatroute.net.) Is there any way that the ATC will use MY flight plan? Can i insert the vatroute.net flight plan and ATC will not bug me unless i deflect from this plan? Thanks!!
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