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  1. Hi Bryan, Not sure how I've done it but I've managed to get it working now. The only thing is is that the only way to get the fs2crew bar up is via the view options, the vertical speed indicator still isn't clickable. I suppose for now that'll have to do unless you know of why that is happening? Thanks for your help/time though, it's appreciated.
  2. Hi there. I've installed FS2 Crew LDS 767 and the update and even though It confirms the installation is successful I do not get any messages when starting up FSX (gauge etc(and this is after trying all of the below)). When in a flight after selecting the FS2 Crew panel in the LD menu, clicking the vertical speed indicator doesn't bring up the FS2 Crew menu. The only way i can do it is if I select it through the views menu and even then all the panels appear black. I have tried: deleting the FSX.CFG file, reinstalling visual C++ 2008 redistribute package reinstalling FS2crew several times using registry fix I have also tried following the manual to no avail. I also tried a few other ways which I can't remember. I have been through pages of forums with the same issue but the solution for them hasn't worked for me. FS2 Crew doesn't show up in the start center, It's as if the whole system doesn't detect it being installed. I hope this is all the info you need. Please help ASAP as I'm dying to get started. Thanks in advance. Dean. dean.walkinshaw@hotmail.co.uk
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