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  1. I tried to today to start with the Maddog without starting with a default airplane. still dosn't work. I do not think thare is any problem with the load manager. I can transfer correct number from the load manager to the sim. Only that the sim holds the number for a short while. like seconds or something the gets back to full fuel. It is like the aircraft is stuck on full fuel. Best Regards Mikael Olsson
  2. Hi What are my doing wrong? I'm planning mine flight in the load manager. Start P3dV4.2 with a default plane. Then I load the Maddog, and transfer the payload and fuel quantity to the sim. I load the correct fuel quantity for a short while and the go back to full fuel in all tanks and I can't adjust the fuel quantity in the maddog fuel manu. I have tried to reinstall and it dosnet mater which version I'n using. I have done several flight before this happend. What are I missing? Best Regards Mikael Olsson
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