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  1. NBL648

    How to load fuel?

    When you set the fuel amount, it is the same as loading. You can also opt for the ground services in the FMC and it will animate the process of loading fuel, cleanup crew, catering and baggage loading.
  2. I can't remember, does it tell you in the sim it has an update?
  3. You can also just hold the button for the time you use the reversers. Map the key to be held when pressed in FSUIPC/ Paul Mcghee
  4. He didn't say that. He said the real EFB sends it's output to the aircraft printer. That device is not implemented in this aircraft from PMDG. Please don't confuse what the 787 or 777 or 737 systems do with the 747 series.
  5. You know, some people just have to drone on and on about this or that. All that really matters is find something that works for you! For me what works is good. The same goes for the majority of my paid addon software.
  6. 1. What ATC are you using? I use ProATC. It has the ability to assign a gate you specify by editing the flight plan before you activate the flight plan. 2. What are you using to generate traffic? I use UTLive and it can easily reduce the traffic at the airport using their hot key. If you use this app, be sure to set AI to 0 in P3D settings. 3. If you are also using GSX, I find the by assigning the arrival gate in ProATC, the gate is normally available also in GSX without having to reduce traffic in UTLive. 4. If you're using default P3D ATC then I don't have an recommendation to that part of the question.
  7. Is it GSX not offering a gate or P3D ATC? GSX only offer certain gates to park. O have to use the GSX hot key to decrease the airline density at certain airports in the US also. You might also try the GSX forum. I use ProAtc and in the flight plan editor before the flight I assign parking. Once it does that, GSX will usually make that gate assignment as well.
  8. I just updated without deleting, deactivating or anything else.
  9. Thanks. I used the config manager to find the answer. Just for giggles, I tried it on the -8 but alas, nope...wishful thinking😋
  10. Hi all, I think the updated -400 is far different. My FS2Crew appears to be broke.🤔 Any idea on a patch for the -400? I know it'll probably be awhile for the -8 version. thanks Now working. Used the config manager to deactivate the -400, loaded the -400 in the sim, closed the sim, reactivated the -400 in the config manager, loaded the -400. It now works.
  11. Are your auto - coordination settings in FSX set to off? NWS uses the rudder function for the tiller.
  12. Sigh...I don't have a problem ...I was only referring to where the 'item' is in the 'flow - checklist.' Sorry for the misunderstanding.
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