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  1. Greetings all, I hope that everyone who reads this is well. I am a proud past user of the B763 that was modeled by LDS since it was birthed for FS9. Now having switched to P3Dv4, there has been no talk of a 767 from LDS. I am aware that there was the loss of a fellow simmer and team member, however, I do not recall hearing anything else about the future of LDS. Apart from the B757, that was in the works for years and then forgotten, suddenly resurfaced in 2017, then nothing further has been said on it. Then in the forums when asked, people were told to just watch and see - let it be. As a company, respected by many, I find it a bit unfair that we - the consumers of the product - have not heard even one update since then. We would love to have a 763 and even a competing 757 to which we can choose and fly on the new platform. I am not bashing anyone nor inviting anyone to curse at the people of LDS as we have no clue as to what's going on. Simply, just asking for a little update as to what is happening and what we can expect. Looking forward to hearing from you guys over there. Warmest Regards, Captain Redz
  2. I have been waiting on this for a while... I think it's just a bit unfair to not give - after nearly one year (in a few days) - anything about the product; even if it's cancelled or anything of the sort. Just be opened/transparent with people. If it is negative - the community WILL get over it at some point. Regards, P'Rez
  3. hey guys... I did indeed have two KATL files in the SODE XML folder... once i removed the previous one the double gates were gone. Regards, PH
  4. Hey bro, i had removed those even before starting the sim... so im not sure whats going on.
  5. This is my contention as well... I have had to manually remove jetways.bgl, but even after removing it (from now a different folder) - "systems" - I still get the double jetways.
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