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  1. I´ve noticed it too in V4 and this is different to V3. Currently I would prefer to fly without VF because at least with using active sky it gives you a almost endless upper visibility when putting the slider above 100. below 100 it extremely foggy with VF activated. I think the PTA haze effect could compensate this but as far as I know it is currently buggy, isn´t it?
  2. Thats the point. In V4 it do nothing and with older PTA versions in V3 it was very useful and powerful tweak!
  3. Thanks for your feedback! Hope there will be a way to get that affect alive again. I was so glad that the popcorn clouds were history ...
  4. Hi there, the "No popcorn" modificator Opacity at far distance parameter doesnt work for me (V251 and V251). It shows no effect. With older PTA versions in P3D it has been a very powerful parameter to avoid the "popcorn effect". Did someone else noticed it too? Thanks, Holger
  5. Holly71

    Strange issue with the 747 V3

    Thanks Will, I think you are right.
  6. Holly71

    Strange issue with the 747 V3

    First thank you all! I don´t think that I have a generelly performance problem as all other aircrafts run very smooth. I don´t use the highest settings. Even the FSL Airbus runs nice (for my demands) on my system. I use P3D V3 and not FSX. The highmefix thing is in by default or not longer neccessary. Not really sure about that. Generelly the Queen runs very nice like all other aircrafts. No other showstopper issues so far. But this one is really mysterious Meanwhile I already did a reinstall and it works again. I have to wait until the issue is back again to try the log file thing. Further more I did a copy of the 747 PMDG folder in order overwrite the current file if it happens again. because a simple deinstallation an reinstallation don´t solve the problem. Seems that I have to delete the 747 folder manually before reinstalling again.
  7. Holly71

    Strange issue with the 747 V3

    I7 2600K PMDG B737NGX PMDG B777 FSL A320 Majestic Dash Hifi AS2016 + ASCA FTX Global + FTX Landclass + FTX Vector GSX and of course a huge bunch of sceneries like fly tampa, fs dreamteam an so on ...
  8. Holly71

    Strange issue with the 747 V3

    Hello Jude, no nothing. I would say the sim doesn´t crash it only goes slower and slower ... Nothing in P3D menu can be used during that.
  9. Hello Today for the third time I´ve got a very strange problem. I tried to load the 747 in P3D V3 and it loaded extremly slowly and did not finished the loading process. It ends im some kind of freeze. What I have noticed it that the FPS during this process were extremely low 1,5! Normally evrything works fine with around 30 FPS. PC Restart, driver reinstall or older drivers install, cfg rebuilt, back to HF2 (P3D) and the latest fsuipc reinstall didn´t solve the problem. Once I´ve got the issue I can´t stop it. Only a reinstall of the 747 and deleting the 747 folder in in the PMDG root folder before solve the problem. But as I already have said meanwhile I´ve got it for the third time What it makes so strange is that I also use the PMDG NGX und B777 which do not have that issue!? It is only the 747. For sure you can imagine that the steady reinstalls are very annoying becaus everything has to setup again. I´m using Win 10 and a Geforce 970 GC. Yor help is very appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!
  10. Holly71

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    Have been waiting my whole flightsim "life" for a high end 757 (around 20 years by now). No I think its time is over, unfortuneately ... 737 Update + MAX would be very nice!!!
  11. Hello, have anybody seen a repaint of Silk Way West Airlines somewhere? https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/8472474
  12. Holly71

    Sim Labs A320

    Hi Bryan, any news here? The first Airbus which is really an Airbus. Already great fun to fly it but something is missing ... P.S: Still loving NGX voice commander !!! Best! Holger
  13. Holly71

    Adjusting sound volum

    Oh dear... I´m afraid I´m compeltely blind ... got it .. Thanks!
  14. Holly71

    Adjusting sound volum

    Can someone help me how to adjust the crew voice for the T7 voice commander? I´m pretty sure that I did it already before but don´t know how I switched through the CFG option but nothing was found. Thank you!!