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  1. I know it already has been said more than once... probably more then hundred times from different users... but anyway... What I was hoping for, since a long time, was the implementation of an AI control module. When playing with AI on, I'm getting run over permanently what ruins it for me totally. Sure, one would say, turn the collision detection off. But there's a problem... I use AirHauler 2 (or FSP back then on FSX). So I need the collision detection and to be honest... Seing another plane going through my aircraft - even if it doesn't hurt me with collision off - is so annoying! And it happens waaaaay to often. I'm aware, that it's problematic to control the AI inside the sim. But it could be done f.e. by spawning own AI aircraft and getting full control of it. AFAIK that's the way voxatc does it. While there are many many advantages p2atc has compared to voxatc, the lack of AI control made me stop using it. I'm pretty sure, that the implementation of an AI module in p2atc would significantly raise the fun, realism and also the ammount of users. Still hoping to see that one day in Pilot2atc