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  1. ronprice46

    REX WorldWide Airports

    Seems when i install the textures it only works at one or two airports and the rest of the default airports are just plain default textures anyone willing to help me fix it?
  2. ronprice46

    Review: Worldwide Airports HD by REX Studios

    Seems it doesnt change every default airport as everything is still the same as it was before and no change
  3. ronprice46

    REX Worldwide Airports HD Prepar3D v.4

    I have it and it doesnt work at all airports and jetways dont show up so i wasted 20 bucks on it
  4. ronprice46

    Bittorent Files Install

    I got them in but all i see is stuff higher than the airport or lower than the airport is there any way to fix it I can put screenshots if needed
  5. ronprice46

    Bittorent Files Install

    I meant where do i put the mesh files
  6. Where do the files go once they are done downloading via bittorent?
  7. ronprice46

    Windows 10 Patch Today?

    still getting the error
  8. ronprice46

    AirHaul VA

    They will be back in service at the beginning of july
  9. ronprice46

    747v3 , imminent release !

    Anything on what previous users if they are able to get it cheaper or do we pay normal price.
  10. ronprice46

    Update: Aerosoft Airbus Projects Preview

    So if I got the upgrade will I just get rid of airbus x extended?
  11. ronprice46

    Update: Aerosoft Airbus Projects Preview

    so what would we need to do if we have the airbus extended and we wanted to get the A318-A319 so we have both aircraft the A318, A319 A320 A321 im confused on if i get the a319-a318 i wont have the Airbus X a320-A321 can soeone clarify what will happen
  12. When i activate autopilot vnav cuts off and speed gets put at 100 when it was set at 200 and then the aircraft stalls and cant figure out how to fix it