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  1. Hi guys, I recently purchased a JetMax 737 throttle and I have been using LINDA for a long time now in all of my switch panel modules. I have a problem with using JetMax 737 on Linda, as it sends unvolentary electric pulses, which makes it like all the time a button is being pressed. Therefore, I cannot have access to the other panels I am using, and hence no switch is turning on or off because of that. The only solution to solve it is to delete the throttles completely from the LINDA Joystick list - as I dont really need it anyways. Is there any way to delete a joystick from the LINDA list? Thanks for all helpers (I am using LINDA 2.6.6 btw)
  2. Thanks for the prompt response! The thing is, I already tried installing LINDA from scratch a couple of times to no avail. My last working configuration was in FSX. But still, I cant solve this one. The Saitek radio panel isnt configured in LINDA whatsoever. I usually used SPAD or Saitek's drivers for that. I only use LINDA to configure my switch panels. Opencockpits is also not related to the issue, as it occurs with the modules disconnected as well.
  3. Hi guys, I recently moved to Windows 10 and P3Dv3 and installed the latest LINDA 2.6.6 for my following modules: Saitek Switch Panel Saitek Radio Panel Flightsimpm.co.uk Boeing 737 Lower OH switches (ignition and lights) I also own OpenCockpits MCP and EFIS modules operating with SIOC and OC4BA. Unfortunately, since installing LINDA every time any hardware disconnects and reconnects P3Dv3 crashes with ntdll.dll causing the error. It happens even with OpenCockpits modules disconnected. In addition, I am also stuggling to operate P3D with LINDA, as many times when LINDA fires up, P3D crashes with the same ntdll.dll error. Also, in Windows 10, any time LINDA detects a connected and reconnected hardware even with they are connected with no problems (happens all the time frankly) - The sound in P3D/FSX stops for a split second, only to come back later - it happens every 20 seconds or so. I am starting to get frustrated from all of this situation. If anyone has any solution for this, please throw a bone for me
  4. Any news regarding the -200ER version? any chance on that? Any news regarding the -200ER version? any chance on that?
  5. Hi guys, seems that the problem keeps going on the 737. Let me just mention that 777 flights are performing perfectly for me. I am currently trying to perform a flight from LLBG-LTBA on a 737 (recording on twitch with no success). Here is the twitch recording: http://www.twitch.tv/yardenbe/b/545720480
  6. Yes I am. but the thing is even if I use the keyboard commands for the throttles they dont work, Only after slewing and releasing the a/c
  7. Hi guys, Maybe someone knows this problem: First of all, I own the 737-800/900 NGX with the latest service pack running, and I'm mostly using the 737-800WL version. My problem is as follows: 1) After pushback and startup the throttles themselves don't respond whatsoever and I receive this error advisory which cant be located. This problem is solved only after entering slew mode, raising up and aircraft a few feet, releasing it from slew for a fraction of a second and return back to place. 2) The next problem is occuring upon takeoff: Everything works fine till the rotation moment. from there and on the aicrcraft stuggles to gain speed and works on a VERY low angle of attack, even -5 degrees while climbing. The major issue is, while tying to take manual control or controlling the climb via vertical speed intervention the speed slows down dramatically up to buffet alerts and even stalls- that's when the angle of attack is very low. I thought it might be 2 problems: 1) incorrect weight distribution and CG problems 2) Some conlifct with my weather engine (ASN) regarding these potential problems I've managed to eliminate them all, as everything was OK with the weight and balance, and I've also tried changing my payload while airborne to check the problem with no change- even when I've set everything on 0. Same with the weather engine- Even when it was switched off it didnt make any difference. Another thing is that I've encountered is that the problem is occuring only in some specific aicraft inside (another painting) while some are working OK for some odd reason. Yet another thing is I've also tried uninstalling and re-installing the 737NGX from scratch with same results. In order to illustrate the problem better I'm adding here up a link for my flight broadcast in order that those of you who might know the problem will be able to understand it better: http://www.twitch.tv/yardenbe/b/543805749 Problem timelapse: 34:00 - Throttle problem on startup 41:00- Departure 45:00- Aircract cant gain speed, negative angle of attack on FD 49:00- Receiving buffet alerts due to problem 54:00- Changing payload to 0 with same results Thanks for all the helpers in advance!
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