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  1. hello i love this aircraft ! but, but i have 2 problems ! first after having programing vor 1 and vor 2 in nav 1 and nav 2, with CRS, let says I have NAV1 active. how to make active NAV2 ? and disengage NAV1 ? second / landing is ok but controling the after landing and using the brakes is quite a challenge ! any idea ? ty! jj
  2. chiropra


    thank you! "On CDU MENU where you can select FMC, PMDG SETUP, etc., you probably have DSP CTL set to ON. The CDU is controlling the display. Select OFF and you should be back to normal. See also FCOM 10.10.64" what is FCOM 10.10.64,.?
  3. chiropra


    HELLO? I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEME if i select electronic the windows of the display freeze until the end of the flight and i have no more control on it if i select paper cfg., the window becomes black after the take off, and i have no more control on it
  4. chiropra

    no sounds - no button

    ok i did that 1. Uninstalling. 2. Re-installing FS2Crew. 3. Rebooting. and it work's again ! thank you for the support !
  5. chiropra

    no sounds - no button

    hello im a fs2crew user on 737. which works fine. i tried yesterday this 777 fs2crew in a vocal mode. worked fined in a vocal mode. ok. to day i wanted to tried the button mode , there is no trigger when i push the main button (alternate static). and now- no sounds at all, even in the test panel. i tried all combinations of settings, headset-speakers-default-etc...reboot 10 times, nothing. the sound is gone ! and nothing works now. i m very disapointed with that product! spend hours to have it work! ty for help if any... ps* i read the troubleshooter 10000 times...