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  1. Hi This whole thread is just what i am looking for. I have recently installed the S550 and have to say i really do like the plane. A lot of poor reviews but i actually think it is rather good. I agree though that the Universal FMS is poorly constructed and so far away from what i am used to in the DASH 8. I know this is an old thread now however i would like purchase and integrate the ISG in the S550 with Janek's very latest mod set. Does anyone have a copy and instructions i could use please? Many thanks Russ
  2. Thanks Jordan, Will give it a try... The NGX has sublime performance on taxi out but taxi in after flight is where I get a consistent stutter Russell
  3. VAS doesn't get above 3,200,000 throughout the whole flight so definitely not VAS. I have additional scenery off and LOD @ 4.5. P3D is very lean on a new install. This issue existed in my Win 7 P3D build on v3.2 so was hoping an upgrade to Win 10 and P3D 3.4 would resolve. Just did another flight from EGKK to EGPH using UK scenery and Orbx England and Scotland. It must be something CPU/GPU related!? Definitely not VAS, not RAM... Such a shame as the NGX is stutter free at the start of the flight!? It is beyond me and very frustrating. Russell
  4. Hi Kyle, My apologies, don't often post I don't use FSUIPC at all, never been installed. This is on a new installation of Win 10, fresh install of P3D 3.4 and everything up to date. Any other suggestions? The CFG is clean apart from AM = 116 Settings are medium/low in P3D Russell
  5. Vaughan, Thanks for the response.... It is P3D 3.4 latest version, was the same in 3.2 also. Just finished a flight now and with very low settings in P3D still stuttering towards the end of the flight. Its odd because I changed in to the Cessna from A2A and the stutter disappears. Then change back in to NGX and stutter again disappears. I don't have anything to monitor VAS but my add-ons are minimal apart from ORBX England, Uk2000 airports. It is like 'something' is building up during the flight and appears towards the end? All CPU's and GPU look very comfortable with lots of headroom.... I just don't understand it and it is very frustrating. Ruining the immersion of the NGX :(
  6. Hi folks, I have a real frustration with the NGX and the performance towards the latter end of any flight, absolutely noticeable after landing in the turn on taxi in with a consistent stutter every 1-2 secs? I have tried so many different things to improve the performance after landing but to no avail!? Oddly, the NGX performs beautifully at the start of any flight, no stutters and in flight I hold a steady 29-31 FPS. Could anyone shed any light on this please? I have a 3770k OC'd to 4.7Ghz, 16Gb 1866 RAM, GTX 980 (stock speeds - for now anyway), 250Gb Samsung Pro 850 for P3D v3.4 with only AF116 and FFTF set to 0.01. This issue was present on Win 7 and now Win 10 (rebuilt over Xmas). Using CAM to monitor hardware at the end of the flight the CPU looks OK, not maxed, same can be said for the GPU. RAM looks to have around 4-5Gb used? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Russell
  7. Thanks Steve Makes complete sense!! Now off to do some testing... Much obliged to you and the folks in this thread, it's been an interesting read Russ
  8. Hi Steve If I use 116 on a 3770k 4.7Ghz should I assign AS16 & VPilot to Core 0 (LP 0 & 1) and others? Is it true AS16 only needs two cores? I am testing 85 and 116 with FFTF on, medium settings... 85 seems that little smoother at present but more to be tested Many thanks for your research along with everyone else's Russ
  9. Guys, Please, please help an FSX user who is fast losing interest in FSX and VATSIM! I have FSX installed on a new PC, GTX680 etc. and have nVidiaInspector installed and configured as per Word Not Allowed's guide. FSX runs an absolute treat in all areas EXCEPT... When I install SB4.exe I firstly encounter an error at the end of the install relating to a User32.dll error when checking in event viewer. Secondly, SB4 seems to install ok following this error and I can load outside of and inside FSX no problem, connect to VATSIM and operate normally. HOWEVER as soon as I load SB and the window appears in FSX, I start to receive vSync tearing!!!! This is completely past me now and I need some advice and guidance before I give up completely on FSX and VATSIM. Strangely I experience the same issue using FSINN? It has to be graphics related however I am using latest clean driver etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated Russ
  10. Howard, Many thanks! After doing some further testing it would seem that the stutters every 2-3 seconds or so when turning the AXE is down to FSUIPC4?? I have renamed the FSUIPC module and restarted FSX and hey presto, the stutter has vanished!!? I had read something on here before about FSUIPC causing small problems so just tested that. Gutted though as I have paid for the software and use it to assign all my relevant settings to my controllers :(
  11. Hi Howard, FSX sliders are: Terrain and Water - all Max except Water Effects which is High 2x (to stop flashing) Scenery objects - Complexity is Extremely dense, Autogen is Normal and Special Effects High Frames are indeed locked inside FSX to 30. Russ
  12. Hi, My first post so please go easy on me! I have just rebuilt my FSX PC (i7 3770k 4.5Ghz OC, 16Gb DDR3 1600, GTX 680 2Gb, ASUS MoBo) with Win 7 64bt Home on SSD-1 and FSX including addons on SSD-2. Run through Nick's superb guide on optimizing Win 7 for FSX and also Word Not Allowed's guide for configuring nVidia inspector. I have Word Not Allowed's setup with no other tweaks. I have kept my install as clean as possible, only installing: GEX UTX ASN Airbus X Extended UK2000 Gatwick and Edinburgh I have a superb looking SIM now however on the ground and specifically only in VC in the Airbus X do I get a stutter, especially noticeable when taxiing around corners. This happens at both UK2000 and stock FSX airports. I can cope with it however I would love to get a completely stutter free SIM if any of you kind people can help me? Word Not Allowed's tweaks are - Affinity Mask=14, UsePools=0 Russ
  13. So flying on Vatsim and i'm offered another airfield because of better atc, how do i enter a new destination within the 737ngx fmc whilst in flight? any advice would be greatly received.
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