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  1. Fscenes

    Internal Error during authorization

    Appears rectified on my end, Great Work guys. Gary
  2. Fscenes

    Internal Error during authorization

    Probably not your info, I'm getting the same error, have 3 versions of the software, pilot/pro/pro 64, and all are crapping out with the "Internal Error" Gary
  3. Fscenes

    J41 Loading Issues/Install

    Resolved through Ticket Support and Ryan at PMDG, awesome response and fix;) Mahalo' s, Gary Anderson
  4. Fscenes

    J41 Loading Issues/Install

    :Updated-- After 12 hours of reading forums and fiddling, uninstalling and reinstalling things, I am now able to manage to get it to now load up in the tutorial flight. However I am now running into the left avionics button CTD, Cannot get past that phase of the tutorial now. Ticket submitted, not much help yet...... Continuing to fiddle Gary Anderson
  5. <S!>All, Been avid PMDG fan since FS9 NG series. Recently decided to get out of the NGX for a bit and try the turbo J41. Cannot get it to install and load, dies at the loading bar for the situation that comes with it after a click sound. I have completely removed FSX twice and cleared with Fixit Utility. So FSX SP2 Clean and new install of J41 twice. I was running PMDG NGX, GEX, UTX, RAAS, FS2Crew with no issues. Strange issue is I got the activation for the J41 only once on the initial install, where as FSX was every install? The redistributables for C++ were installed. I have down loaded the J41 install twice also in case of a corrupt file. Any ideas welcome.... Gary Anderson Hilo, Hawaii Windows 7/64