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  1. I don't see any downloads after I log in to the PMDG eCommerce sight. However, I do see this specific update(1.10.7025 SP1F) in the PMDG Operations Center. So, what to do... what to do?
  2. mjd7419

    777 VS Mode Fluctation

    Guys - PMDG got back to me and are looking into this for the SP1 update.
  3. mjd7419

    777 VS Mode Fluctation

    Xander - Maybe the MD80 fluctuates in VS mode, but the 777 does not (and I'll bet the MD80 does not fluctuate as much as I'm seeing. If so, you'd have sick passengers on your hands). I can attest to that as a Boeing engineer who has been on many 777 flights and have taken note of this... paying particulare attention during actual flights since I've noticed this on my sim. I've also had time in our company sims, and did not see this phenomena.
  4. mjd7419

    777 VS Mode Fluctation

    OK guys, back to the original topic of VS mode fluctuation. Has anybody seen this and found the root cause yet, or have suggestions as to what is causing it. (and no, I have not tried to re-install... not sure how that would clean this up)
  5. mjd7419

    777 Rocking problem

    Yeah, Per Kyle's suggestion, I submitted a ticket. No response yet. I would hope everybody who is experiencing this submits one. In my opinion, this is a serious problem that needs to be rectified. The real 777 flight control system does not behave in this way and as of yet, I have not found a specific root cause on my end of things.
  6. mjd7419

    777 Rocking problem

    Guys - I'm having similar problems. I started a new thread on this, and feedback thus far is nobody else is seeing this. Anybody else in this thread find anything new that would explain this?
  7. mjd7419

    777 VS Mode Fluctation

    Kyle - Have you seen this phenomonon also?
  8. mjd7419

    777 VS Mode Fluctation

    When in VS hold mode on the MCP, the flight control system cannot hold that specific VS. It fluctuates +- 150 fpm. For instance, setting 2000 fpm will result in a fluctuation between 1850 and 2150, both climing and descending. No wind or turbulance. I've tried it with A/T engaged and speed hold mode and with A/T off and holding a constant N1 speed manually. Same problem.
  9. mjd7419

    777 VS Mode Fluctation

    The following link is the only thread I can find where VS Mode fluctuation is discussed. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/419461-777-rocking-problem/page-2?hl=mode I'm still having this problem after testing different weather conditions, different VS settings, disconnecting my input devices etc... Will this be addressed in the SP1 update? Has PMDG even acknowledged this as a problem to go fix? (My LD767 can hold a VS, as can my PMDG MD11) Mike Dessero
  10. Looks like one more week of freight dawging for my old MD11!