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  1. Maria620

    Problem whit gear

    In order to get the wheels up you have to turn the hydraulic system on. That's was happening to me but Mr. Gollick from thr PMDG support told me how to do it. Goodluck. Jdelva0314
  2. Maria620

    Bugs/issues report thread

    1) In my case cargo doors operate wrongly. Doors close when you hit open and viceversa. 2) Wheels will not come up when pressing the "G" key. 3) After writing down the route, does not appear in the screen. Sorry for my grammar. I'm trying. Jorge Del Valle
  3. Maria620

    Easy to fly.

    Congratulations are in order for you. However, I am having problems when trying to start. For me "Cold and Dark" seem to be the problem. My cargo doors cannot close. Wheels will not come up. I tried everything including deleting and a clean install. I am still at the airport losing pax to other airlines. If you can help me, or any other simmer I will really appreciated. Again, congrats and I am not been phony. Really. Jorge Del Valle
  4. Maria620

    Door Main Deck Cargo?

    Friends: I had the same problem with the cargo doors. As been a bit frustrated I send a ticket to support stating the problems. The answer from Mr. Gollnick is as follow: "Avoid using saved panel states until the Hotfix is released hopefully next week as there are a whole bunch of issues related to the panel states that are currently not working right that all should be addresed in the update." I hope this might shed some light with the problem. Nice bird by the way. Jorge Del Valle
  5. Maria620

    Landing Gear

    I am sorry, I meant in the 777. Jorge
  6. Maria620

    Landing Gear

    Now that you are talking about landing gears, my question is: How do I pull the landing gear up on take off. I tried the "G" key and does not do anything, and also the cargo doors remains open. Plz need help in those two items. Everytging else is ok. Jorge
  7. Maria620

    FSX Crashes

    I had the same problem, but I entered the activation code and every thing is back to normal, I don't know if this might help you. I hope. The problem I have now is that I can't close the cargo doors. Jorge