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  1. mullvaden83

    Can i guve my 737NGX to someone else

    Deactivate it on your computer. Give the box to your friend. Easy. Still only 1 lisence in use. Shouldnt be a problem.
  2. mullvaden83

    [30MAR15] NGX Updates and some other News Bits

    Seeing you are doing this update thing with whole installers I think you really should take a look at your bandwidth on your servers. I mostly get around 150-200 kB/s from your servers when downloading NGX or 777. Geting 1GB zip file then takes a while. I have a 100/100 Mbps line. So its not on my end. Any thoughts?
  3. mullvaden83

    I Want I Want I Want

    Norweigan737project guy on Facebook just a few mins ago did a review of that and came up with that its a total ripoff on junk. I cant link to it since im on a phone and the Facebook app sucks.
  4. Its not a bug. Its supposed to be separate.
  5. mullvaden83

    P-8 Paintkit

    Id ilke that too. I would love to make a swedish airforce paint or something.
  6. mullvaden83

    I enjoyed my 30 days with aivlasoft EFB but..

    If you want the best. Then buy avilasoft efb for flight tracking map. And pfpx for flightplaning.
  7. AWSOME!!!. =) Thank you guys. =)
  8. mullvaden83

    Dear PMDG Please Read. It's important

    Soo this was the million dollar post for ngx. Wonder how many posts like this there will be for the 747 v2 when its due to release.
  9. mullvaden83

    Prepar3d - 777-200LR Cockpit

    You have the whole boeing manual in the install dir. Go read. 2000pages.
  10. mullvaden83

    Normal Operation Checklists

    Thats not checklists. Thats precedures. There is a diffrence. =) But thanks. =) Easier this way than searching for the pages in the FCOM. =)
  11. mullvaden83

    Guide/Tutorial: Takeoff Performance in the 777

    Hey. Would you be intersted in posting the same tables for the 777-300ER? I can only find some tables in the FCOM for the 300ER and only with flaps 15. Maybe Im looking at the wrong page?
  12. mullvaden83

    Too Low, Flaps

    So. Stop doing your Flaps 20 landings if you are not doing non-normal procedures. =)
  13. mullvaden83

    Too Low, Flaps

    Cause you are supposed to land with flaps 25 or 30. Flaps 20 is abnormal highspeed landing. In case of engine fail for example. Cant see why you woild like to land with flaps 20?
  14. mullvaden83

    AES PMDG 777-300ER Profile

    Thanks alot!. =)
  15. mullvaden83


    Lol. Let the madness begin.