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  1. Sponge

    So...I quit simming

    I feel it.. I simmed a lot a couple of years ago.. Then came the wife and kid.. And all of a sudden i barely looked at the pc. I saw it standing there.. wiping away a tear once in a while. But it never said a thing. I just wanted to spend qualitytime with my family more than getting frustrated. I barely fly these days, maybe a quick 1.5 hour Dash 8 flight. Other than that i couldn't be bothered
  2. Ha the same thing with the 361.43 driver. FSX started and locked the complete pc. It would also lock on other applications. Now running on 1 driver earlier and all is without issues.
  3. Sponge

    Fuel disagree / Insufficient fuel

    Did you really load the fuel or just changed the number in the perf page?
  4. Sponge

    wx radar no working

    Were you flying in precipitation?
  5. So? I for one missed those posts..
  6. Sponge

    Landing Altitude & FMC activate button

    So you fly for Emirates? We'd be happy if you could make pictures of the situation in real life.
  7. Sponge

    Transparency just above the autopilot area.

    Press CTR on the left lower EFIS rotary twice.
  8. Sponge

    Parking Brake Issue

    in the fmc under fs actions and ground connections. check if the wheel chocks are removed..
  9. Sponge

    Where to fill in the serial?

    When you first load the plane in fsx. you get the DLL popup's I believe it's asking for the key after you click yes on the first dll popup if i remember correctly
  10. Sponge

    Blank screens when 777 started

    That's an activation problem. And please sign your posts with your full name.
  11. Don't waste your money untill there actually is an update V0.8 for the 330/340 They are stating since march 2014 that it will be out *very soon*
  12. Sponge

    Tutorial #2

    I agree. We're all allowed an opinion. The fact that one does not like the opinion of another person, does not give them the right to deny someone for having one.
  13. Sponge

    PMDG B772 engine on but can't accelerate

    Yes.. Exactly.. as you can see in the link posted a couple of times.
  14. Sponge

    FMC error with a specific Airport

    Deleting the ARPT_RWY.dat file worked: Is this a one time only thing or do we need to delete it before every flight from now on?
  15. Sponge

    FMC error with a specific Airport

    Just did a test at KORD. Loaded up the 737 and without any loaded route or anything, i enterd KORD as dep airport at the RTE page. After that i clicked the DEP/ARR button and Voila: Closed down the sim and restarted the same scene in the T7 with this as a result: