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  1. I think the 777 safety record so far can rule out design failures.
  2. Tail is fine as it is Just change United to Continental. (Continental's last livery is basicly United's current one except some minor differences in the globe on the tail (I don't care about that) All i care for is the Continental name. Thanks in advance
  3. Would it be very hard for you to make that same one, but instead of united, make it spell: Continental ? That would be very awsome..!!
  4. For people (Me included) who are wondering why search boats are so... *slow*.. THIS is the indian ocean... http://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/6590707/015d1f7e/bootcam_filmt_zoektocht_op_indische_oceaan.html
  5. And normally whe probably would not have heard about this one. http://edition.cnn.com/2014/03/23/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-flight-diverted/index.html
  6. I would bet my shoes that that is a FAKE transcript.. That is NOT how real world ATC comms go.. Permitted to take off.. ? Copies that..? Has left the port..? follow the command and turn right..? What command? Right on what heading?? This is MH370? Ok, what altitute? What position?
  7. American Airlines - Old Colors American Airlines - New Colors American Airlines - Oneworld Livery
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