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  1. Sorry for the second reply. But my problem hasn't solved yet. I put a youtube link for you to observe what's happening. My problem is, as the altitude captures during the go-around, the speed starts to increase, as N1 goes up and down on the max levels. Than the aircraft overshoots the altitude due to high speed. Looks like the speed stays on the go-around thrust and doesn't cone back for a level flight. I've tried disconencting my joystick just in case it might be interfering. No joy.. Please help..
  2. bbildik

    Landing Altitude & FMC activate button

    Hi guys. Here is the video for the FMC activation line dissapearing when selected and showing per init line. I'm using the Emirates default panel in the sim. Maybe I should use CO route. Hi, the real VNAV mode has also some problems. I find 737NG vertical nav mode better than the older 777. The NG fmc is renewed and it's more accurate. I think some Us carriers are using a newer version of FMC in 777. I haven't tested the VNAV mode for a long time in PMDG. i usually use it to study the systems on ground or in the terminal area. But as long as I see, it's really realistic. In real life, when you put an altitude restiriction like 7000A or 140A, depending on the remaining profile, winds, temp, etc.. aircraf sometimes passes exactly at the set altitude in the FMC, but sometimes +/-500, 800ft.. If the descent remaining after the alt restiriction set in FMC, the descent rate might be lower. But I beleive it's the best you can have in a sim. I would like that, too. If you read the first reply, you will see "downscc" telling me that they have got b777 rated pilots in tech group etc.. Thats why I'm telling that I'm a pilot too, assuming you guys are friendly. So that people would know that I have an idea about the aircraft. If you want to help, you have to give me a solution, instead of what you have in your own pc. Otherwise please don't waste my time and focus on your own problems.
  3. bbildik

    Landing Altitude & FMC activate button

    I'll try to capture a video for you guys. I would do anything to help who really care to improve OUR sim. I really don't care about the people thinking if I'm a real pilot or not. Just don't have the time. I know there are many people trying to get information and using this brilliant product for years. PMDG is doing a great job! It's %99 real, I must say. Only some small things that could be fixed with an update, I guess. Thats why I'm trying to inform the tech guys in PMDG. I also learned flying with FS before I took my ATPL and I've been flying for 11 years now. I try to study with my pmdg777 before I have a real sim training, just to make it more realistic and I'm happy to help to improve the software. Regards. Bulent
  4. bbildik

    Landing Altitude & FMC activate button

    Ok, I watched the video. The activate line in the LEGS page goes blank. But normally we activate the route in the ROUTE page according to operational procesures and when I do it here in the sim, it does not. I can't even remember if could see the activate line in the legs page but I'll chxk when I go to work today and let you know. I know it's a small thing but just trying to make the sim much better. Bulent Bldk
  5. bbildik

    How to plan for a polar air route with PFPX and PMDG777

    I can send you a real polar flt plan if you like, from Dubai to San Fran or LA..
  6. bbildik

    Landing Altitude & FMC activate button

    Sorry for the full name thing. I'm a 777captain myself, flying for the biggest 777 fleet airline in the world. In the real aircraft, the Landing Altitude mag on eicas is inhibited, as you will be setting the fmc during the preflight. Thats one thing that does not fit the real life. The other one is, when you select the route and activate the fmc, "Activate" line should go blank, but in the sim, it does not, and you can still go and select activate again.. This is not happening in real life as well. One more thing I had for now was the altitude overshoot during go-arounds, but I beleive thats my swtup or calibration problem. I'm working on it. If you have any ideas or anyone willing to fix this two little things, I would br happy to give more information. Best regards.. Bulent Bildk
  7. Hi guys, just have 2 topics about our Sim. One is, Eicas, Landing Altitude when you first start the sim. It should be inhibited until you set the fmc. But in the sim, it shows up. This is not normal. The other one is, when you press activate and then execute the fmc route, the activate line should be blank.
  8. I have a fully functional VC but when I swith to outside view during flight (on ground, it's ok), my 777 looks like a ghost airplane, only some black parts like windows and tires are visible. Should be some setting problem I guess?! Help pleasee! Bulent Bidk
  9. 777 overshoots the altitude during go/around. It climbs approximately 300-400ft higher and descents back -200-300ft lower than the altitude set on mcp. A/P engaged and fmc is fully set. Bulent Bidk
  10. bbildik

    PMDG 777 can't maintain altitude

    I uninstalled and re-installed the pmdg. Now the problem is solved. But have another one:(( during go/around just before the altitude capture, speed jumps up and due to excessive thrust, the aircraft overshoots the missed app altitude which is set on the McP. Normally, it should accelarete slower and this shouldn't be a problem. Any solutions? Bulent Bildk
  11. bbildik

    Go around thrust logic?

    Hi guys, my problem is just with the alt capture, the speed jumps up and the aircraft overshoots the altitude because of the excessive thrust. Anyone have a solution for that? Bulent Bldk
  12. bbildik

    Maintaining altitude

    Thanks everyone, for the help. As I mentioned before, this is not a normal reaction of 777. Not because of the wind change or anything but could be the setup or FSUIPC or something else. I'll try to re-install again. Bulent Bildk
  13. bbildik

    PMDG 777 can't maintain altitude

    I think I should unistall and install back in. Looks like it's only me. Thinking of any fsx problems could be the result?? Anyways, thanks guys
  14. bbildik

    PMDG 777 can't maintain altitude

    One more problem during finals, when you disengage the autopilot, the aircraft should be in mis-trim, so you don't have to change the control coloum too much in order to control the plane. But in the sim, when you put the autopilot off, the aircraft starts to change attitude! It ahould keep the same pitch level, more or less Maybe it's the FSX problem. Not the pmdg's Could it be?
  15. bbildik

    PMDG 777 can't maintain altitude

    Pmdg777 can't maintain the altitude while the Autopilot is on. It's loosing and gaining +/- 50-100ft and it's not normal. Any ideas or fixes? One more thing about the "Landing Altitude" Eicas msg during preflight, is nonnormal. It dissapears once you pull out and push back the landing altitude switch. Normally there is no msg in the real aircraft. (Guys, I'm a 777pilot, so please don't try to explain that this is normal) Cheers!