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  1. Before and After Atmospheric Scattering w/ raleigh tweaks. This is just incredible. Depth perception and realism are fantastic. Can't believe Laminar hid this.
  2. I've switched to XP10 after years of frustration and low framerate on FSX and couldn't be happier. This is really a great simulator, and the best part is that it's getting better and better. Nowadays I spend 95% of my time flying (at 40-100fps on almost every situation) and 5% downloading (mostly free) add-ons and plugins. Some of them are amazing (CRJ, 777, Simheaven tiles and OSM...). Back when I was using FSX, it was 75% reading forums to improve my framerate and 25% flying. You won't regret making the switch, and I'm pretty sure you won't be the last FSXer to do that.