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  1. Sorry guys, was too excited to be finally able to land my bird. The KB number should be KB2670838, and i read it from here: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/573125/game-crashing-stackhash-bex-error/ Give it a try and let us know if it works for you. Good luck.
  2. Just an update on this issue - The hang seems to go away after I uninstall the windows update KB26780838. Will keep observing but for now I can finish a 3+hrs flight without any hang/crash/CTD.
  3. I do have the affinity mask set to 144 (or 244? I forgot...got the value using the windows calculator thingy). Will give this a shot. This indeed is interesting and surprising...I will give it a try. Hoorah :Big Grin:
  4. Hi all, Never thought I would be a victim of CTD but recently (started around 2 weeks ago) I have been experiencing P3D hangs after ~4 hours into my flight. The hangs are triggered by mouse clicking, on the PFD, ND, or just looking around with middle wheel. The hangs usually take place when I am about to (or has entered into) descend into my destination. Not too sure whether the hangs are caused by the descend, or the fact that I am approaching the 4 hours mark. Up until 2 weeks ago everything works flawlessly – this is what baffles me the most. Given I have no restore point saved, I have tried formatting my entire hard driver where the P3D is installed, deleting all P3D folders in all the places (AppData/Local, Appdata/Roaming, ProgramData…etc), and performed a clean reinstall for all software. For the first two hangs when it started happen I had these apps running: P3D v3.1 Latest version PMDG 777 FS2Crew v1.7 Latest version ASN FSUIPC v4.949f GSX v1.9 After the formatting and a clean reinstall, the first two hangs I had the same apps running as above, and in the last two hangs I had these: P3D v3.1 FS2Crew v1.7 Latest version ASN FSUIPC v4.949f To be honest I don’t think it was those apps that caused the hangs. I am suspecting it is more like conflicts between P3D/PMDG/Windows Update - because this is as far as I can recall if anything has changed between the hang/no hang situation. I will update my system spec later, but I am running P3D on Win7 SP1. Has anyone experienced the same recently? Really want to practice my landings
  5. For those who successfully run TR in P3D v2 (mine is v2.5), do you have to any other thing after copy the prepar3d.exe, paste it in the same folder from where you copy the prepar3d.exe, and rename it as fsx.exe? I did so, and when I click on the fake fsx.exe(after initializing TR of course), the program starts for about 1 minute. When it finished loading the scenery indexes and the TR DOS window shows "the default aircraft LAT/Lon"...etc nothing happened afterwards. The fsx/fake P3D froze at the start-up screen and never went in to the scenario setting menu. I've come this far to get TR working under win7 64bit and I hate to see I have to stop here - help please.
  6. Eva Air Star Alliance livery please!
  7. Hi all After starting this post I started to suspect there is another reason for my C2 Primary not working, given my L&R Generator & Bleed Air are also not functioning. (which is a normal flow of thought because C2 Primary is powered by the engine generator). I went into FCOMv2 trying to dig something out, but failed. I reinstalled the product for four times using the original installation.exe file but nothing works. In the last hope I tried what tcas_climb suggested to manually (! risky I know as PMDG do not like people doing manual things, but I was in desperate) remove the panel state folder under PMDG>777 folder (can't recall the right path as I'm in the office now) and have the aircraft "reset" to default, i.e. engine running when the aircraft's loaded. I then shut down/close relevant buttons/switches to make the panel state the same as the default "777 Short" and save it as whatever file name you want to use. Closed the FSX, restarted my pc/fsx and loaded the 777, fired her up and wait. Voila, magic happened and my aircraft is back to normal. Is this an item to report to PMDG you think?
  8. Here you go Before engine start 10 minutes after engine start; L & R main gen didn't get connected C2 Primary pump Fault on Had been trying to investigate in FCOM v2 what caused these phenomena with no luck...will try to see if other chapters cover this topic or not. Meanwhile if you have any idea what might cause this please let me know.
  9. Yes the engines were off at the time I took this snap shot, but still, after they were running I still have the fault lights on under C2 Primary and L&R Main, and N1 won't increase along with the throttle advancing.
  10. Hi all, So this has happened several time on me now. I finished my engine start-up process and though was ready to taxi. I advanced my Saitek throttles forward and saw the throttles in the VC advanced along. Yet the engines did not spool up/follow to where the throttle were, as if the engines were 'disconnected' to the throttle position. I looked up the overhead panel and saw, under the C2 Primary button, was a "fault" light. Same light goes for L Main and R Main. Panel state: both 777 short/long has this issue. Given that I've encountered this several time, I suspect there was something wrong in my start-up process?? APU -> R Eng Demand -> C1&C2 Primary -> L Eng Demand - > C1&C2 Demand. Fuel pumps on -> Engine start selector, 2 then 1. Below is a screen shot taken before engine start, but basically the HYD page looks the same even after started. Advice and feedback appreciated.
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