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  1. Simply stunning! Your support is exceptional. Thank you for your commitment to the FS Comunity Nico! Problem solved 🙂
  2. Yes - I am using your Airport XML, v12.7 and P3Dv4.3 AI is set to 0% I found out that flying to an airport from another airport is no issue. Tested a flight from CGN to FRA and in CGN the mysterious third party AC prevent to place parked ACFT and in FRA it worked after setting EDDF as destination and closing in to the airport. PSX starts placing ACFT and after a sec or two, it detects third party ACFT
  3. Hey Nico! I am struggling to see parked acft on the ground. I set the percentage to 100 for test reasons but only a couple of planes appear. The log file says for almost every position the following: parked at A54: DLH2_ B748 === Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i 11:21:15 QNH: 1030 {"ICAO": "EDDF","QNH": 1030, "METAR": "EDDF 161050Z 08009KT 050V120 CAVOK 08/03 Q1030 NOSIG", "NAME": "Frankfurt am Main Airport", "IATA": "FRA","DISTNM": 1.4} parked at F238: DLH3_ E195 =s= similar type E190, AIA Embraer ERJ-195 Lufthansa Regional opb Lufthansa Cityline parked at A24: AUA4_ A320 === AUSTRIAN AIRLINES AIRBUS A320-200 CFM parked at B24: DLH5_ A20N === FAIB Airbus A320NEO Lufthansa parked at V178: AUA6_ E195 =s= similar type E190, Austrian Airlines Embraer ERJ-195 parked at B47: THY7_ B738 === TURKISH AIRLINES BOEING 737-800 WINGLETS 'NO TULIP' 11:21:16 3rd party aircraft 108 ( id: 4 ) detected on the ground Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos V116, no static aircraft parked Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos S603, no static aircraft parked Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos A28, no static aircraft parked Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos D8, no static aircraft parked Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos A58, no static aircraft parked Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos B10, no static aircraft parked Third party ac already at/near gate EDDF, parkpos G7, no static aircraft parked The list for Frankfurt goes on and on. So where does that third party ACFT come from and why is it blocking almost every position? Same problem in EDDK.
  4. Flo1410

    Updated Parking XMLs

    Aerosoft Milan Malpensa added (92/51 - 12NOV18)
  5. Hi Nico! I just downloaded the v12.5 and was surprised to read, that the Collision Detection Inflight is no longer selectable. To be honest, I don't really know, how to fly to a major airport now without that detection. The spacing on the finals are usually between 3-7nm depending on the WTC. How should I fit in between? 😄 I usually pick one plane in RealTraffic and try to get as close as possible to that plane on final to "have my spot in the sequence". I would appreciate to have that option back in PSX. Maybe a even better version, where you can finetune the parameters (in the cfg itself, to keep it simple for users, that just want to keep it simple) in terms of distance and alt... This way you could have a parallel approach without the detection deleting your "neighbour" on the other ILS. Please think about it. Best regards Flo
  6. Flo1410

    Updated Parking XMLs

    UK2000 London Heathrow added (323/131 - 10NOV18) Lisbon updated (58/39 - 10NOV18)
  7. Flo1410

    Updated Parking XMLs

    Mega Airport Zurich added (98-57 - 09NOV 08z-16z)
  8. Flo1410

    Updated Parking XMLs

    Vienna updated, 22/21 now Aerosoft Berlin Tegel created (95/39 - 08NOV 16z-8z)
  9. Flo1410

    Updated Parking XMLs

    No, this page is new to me! Thanks for the heads up
  10. Flo1410

    Updated Parking XMLs

    Thanks Nico, great idea with the sticky! Working on Frankfurt at the minute.
  11. Dear All, I like the idea of sharing your updated parking files amongst others to have the best possible immersion. You can find in my Dropbox updated files for the following airports: Taxi2Gate Hong Kong (95 Real Positions, 174 Options, Winter Schedule between 20z-06z) MK Studios Lisbon (26 Real Positions, 36 Options, Winter Schedule between 13z-19z) FlyTampa Vienna (17 Real Positions, 17 Options, Winter Schedule between 07z-09z) updated 08NOV18, 0835z - To be continued Feel free to share yours!
  12. Thanks a lot for your super quick reply! I can totally understand your point and I am most likely just to lazy to spend a Sunday afternoon fixing all the regs! 🙈 But I guess it’s worth the time. Thanks for taking my idea into consideration!
  13. Greetings! First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for this incredible tool. In my oppinion it adds so much more realism and immersion to P3D, that I don't wanna miss it anymore for a single flight. Congratulations for the great idea to make parking files "smart". Very helpfull. We should establish a sharing platform, so everyone can let PSXSeecon run for a couple of hours at his favourite airport and than share the file amongst other simmers! I started to put a lot of effort into my AILiveries.txt in terms of registrations and replacing new and better aircraft with older ones. Seeing that the txt file is no longer valid makes me sad, because my valueable txt file is nothing worth anymore. I would highly appreciate a way to convert my existing Txt file to the new xml file. Same for the parked airport files. I hope this is planned for the near future. Another cool idea that comes to my mind is: Block your "own" aircraft. I usually fly realtime according to real schedules. And it is sometimes a bit funky, when you see the real airplane, that you are immitating, taxiing in front of you. Thanks in advance and have a good week!
  14. Flo1410

    Livery request: Lufthansa Cargo 777 Freighter

    Thanks! Best paint I found so far :-) However, is there still a fleet package painted by mcnobody?