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  1. I do not have blurries when locking with Nvidia Inspector. I do have a minor stutter issue that I'm trying to work through but it's still so much better than it was.
  2. Update: I opened Process Lasso and forced P3D to run on cores 3-8 (2-7 logically). This substantially improved my performance. I also forced ActiveSky and REX to operate on cores 1-2 (0-1 logically) and it has made a world of a difference. I tried using LM's internal frame limiter to 30 but noticed I got about 10FPS worse than when I used NVI set to 30.5 and set to 1/2 refresh rate. I now can run p3d at 30 frames very easily and messing with my settings has had no effect on frames. This was a really interesting process and eye-opening. If you remember one thing just know that what works for others MAY NOT work for you. Tweaking is trial and error. I notice that P3d still loads about 60-70% of core 2 but my performance has dramatically improved flying into heavy scenery's with PMDG aircraft. Hopefully LM can optimize P3D to work better across all cores in the future. Thank you all again for your help. I hope that this can help someone else one day
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Ken. This did not really have much effect. I had already turned the shadow distance down and that did have an effect. Looking at my resource monitor my core 0 is saturated while the others are ~40% and below. I do have an affinity mask of 511 in my cfg from other tuning. Could this be robbing me of frames?
  4. Steve and Evros, thank you both so much for your recommendations. I did this test and it was amazing to see how much addons truly effect even high spec rigs. I can easily get 50-60 FPS flying around LOWI with basically max settings but as soon as I add in the NGXu it drops substantially to around 30 FPS. 30 consistently is perfectly fine especially when it can be locked. Cleaning up the folders that you guys asked me to definitely helped and I scaled back a few settings that don't really make much difference. It is a much smoother experience now!
  5. I have previously had better performance at Innsbruck, or at least it really appeared that way. I tried LSZH (Aerosoft Zurich) and got around 30 frames on unlimited frame setting. This is good but when looking at my task manager my cpu is at 35% and GPU is around 25%. I kept inching sliders to the right and the frames stayed basically steady but CPU usage didn't budge. Something isn't adding up. No road or boat traffic. Usually for weather I'm using ActiveSky weather engine with REX cloud textures. Have used once during the tests and no noteworthy impact on performance.
  6. Running a test with FsLabs A320 at ORBX LOWI I am running 33-35% CPU and 37-40% GPU with internal FPS limited to 30 in P3D. However, I am running between 23-27 FPS so the limiter isn't really even doing anything. Something is definitely bottlenecking my P3D and I cannot figure out what for the life of me. I will say that AURA Synce on my MOBO was using 15-20% of my CPU resources!!!! I changed a few settings and now its .5%. Note I am running AIG Ai traffic at 30% but turning it off didn't really do much for me.
  7. I will say I am running P3D on an older HDD, not my newer M.2 PCIe SSD. Could this contribute to low frames? I installed the PCIe SSD after P3D was installed and did not want to go through the process of reinstalling. Is it time I do that?
  8. I shouldn't have to though. People who have lower end rigs are running higher settings and seeing better FPS than I am. The whole reason I want to fix this is because I was reading through threads on here where people are running P3D's photoreal scenery and running it very well with lower end systems. I'm trying to figure out my bottleneck
  9. My apologies, I'm still a little green on this forum. Here's another attempt:
  10. I did a few minor tweaks this morning and my fps was slightly better between 25-30 but I still feel as though something is causing a bottleneck. Here are my current settings for P3D: [/img][/url]Display [/img][/url]World [/img][/url]Lighting [/img][/url]Weather
  11. Hi all, I recently invested in an overhauled rig for P3D and was super excited to be running full tilt graphics. However, I am a few months in and my performance has felt like it has dropped significantly. I've looked everywhere at threads to try and rectify this situation but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I am getting about 20 FPS running ORBX LOWI, Global, FsLabs A320, and ActiveSky. I feel like this should be a piece of cake for my PC but for some reason it isn't. Can anyone please offer some advice? Thatcher Burns i7-9700k Coffee Lake OC to 5Ghz EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER BLACK GAMING ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming LGA 1151 Z390 G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB DDR4 3600
  12. Finally figured this issue out after purchasing P3D V4. The same issue was happening so I did a windows repair and it found a corrupt file. The repair fixed it and now both sims work. Now all I have to do is wait for all my add-ons to be compatible with P3D V4
  13. Repair did not work. I'm in the middle of doing a clean uninstall/reinstall. Hopefully this fixes it. Thanks to all of you for your help
  14. I'm attempting to do a repair right now as I have run out of options. Will report back. Weird issue....
  15. I tried both of these with the same results. I'm not sure what is going on with the sim but it is quite frustrating
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