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  1. singlejd

    Wrong Version of UiAutomationCore.dll

    Yes, sorry. I only check once per day. :blush:
  2. singlejd

    Wrong Version of UiAutomationCore.dll

    Hi Jim, I understand I need to be very careful reporting. This week I reinstalled FSX from scratch. No copy of UIAutomationcore.dll was installed in my root FSX directory. I realised that after installing FSDT Geneva, that it was now present. I then deleted the file and double checked by installing Geneva again. The .DLL file reappeared. On my PC this is a 100% repeatable process. Something in the installation routine for Geneva is putting the .DLL file into the FSX root directory, not necessarily in the archive file itself, but perhaps when it installs Microsoft Visual C++ components. I can see this name listed during the installation. The file I used was downloaded from the FS Dreamteam website this week. Best regards, Jason Hi, Good point. They are there to help people identify which file versions should be looked at. I downloaded this version of Geneva from the website this week and installed it into a freshly installed FSX. Regards, Jason
  3. singlejd

    Wrong Version of UiAutomationCore.dll

    Hello, I regret to say, it looks like FSDT Geneva is installing it in my FSX root directory. The file details are below. Regards, Jason