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  1. The latest version of PTA for P3D v3 it's on the simtweaks website.
  2. Azoresst

    Prepar3d v4

    You may need to check the timezones, 17:00z is 1 hour and 10 minutes away ;)
  3. Airdailyx is hinting at P3Dv4 stuff between Monday and Wednesday whilst Calum from FSElite is hinting something happening in Tuesday related with P3D, so take this with a grain of salt.
  4. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    @Paraffin If I'm not mistaken Steam takes at least 30% of which sale. Edit:
  5. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    No problem :)
  6. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    And when did I say that? We're talking about FSW, as far as I know...
  7. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    But still, the SDK may vary and If PMDG decides not to release their products on Steam for FSW, they would go against the EULA.
  8. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    But that wouldn't be the case for FSW since it's a 64bit Sim and PMDG needs to port their products. According to Dovetail it's necessary to made 3 party products available through Steam (besides other stores) and PMDG doesn't seems to want to make that happen. Please see this:
  9. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    Exactly, it would be nice If Dovetail could have an agreement with PMDG. That's exactly why PMDG declined to offer their products for FSX: Steam, since Dovetail required to made them available on Steam.
  10. Azoresst

    Introducing Flight Sim World!

    @DTG_Cryss @DTG_Aimee I know that you may not be the right person for the 3rd party stuff, but PMDG just issued a statement about FSW (where it appears that Dovetail is not quite talking with them) and since I (and probably most of the community) consider them one of the best developers for Airliners, It would be nice for Dovetail to partner with them in bringing their products to FSW. You can check it here:
  11. Question: If I have an unredeemed copy of Flight School and I just redeem it after the release of Flight Sim World, would I still receive a copy of FSW?