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  1. When will we be able to know what the secret project is?
  2. MattSoares

    20NOV13 - PMDG 777-300ER & 200LR/F SP1 Update!

    Great news! Maybe it will be here in time for Christmas! No rush! Loving the 777 as it is right now, can't imagine what it will be like soon! Great Work gentleman!
  3. MattSoares

    Pre-download of add-on liveries

    Does the Beta team already have access to the liveries?
  4. (08/02/2013) - Virtual Delta Airlines Headquarters | Atlanta, GA We have the pleasure of announcing Virtual Delta Airlines. We have successfully achieved our copyright permissions from our real word counterpart as of last week. We will be offering all of our routes to all of our 900 worldwide destinations including all of our Codeshare partners routes. We have partnered with Fly Alaska Virtual to evermore expand the possibilities of your journeys. Virtual Delta Airlines was started to make an impact on the flight sim community. We have spent months planning and observing what the community needs in a Virtual Airline. We are made by Pilots for Pilots. With all of the Representations of Delta on the web, we thought that there would be surely a one with everything a pilot could dream of, But it just seemed like all of them we're lacking something. Whether it was Technology, Pilot Activity, or Realism they all just seemed to be lacking in a department. Well, we are here to fix all of those problems. We will be using the latest Acars system "DeltaCars", with full announcements made by real Delta Airlines flight attendants specially for us. Our dispatch center will feature the newest and most realistic loadsheets and crew scheduling made by real delta dispatchers. We have completely redesigned our pilot center known as "vDeltaNet" to look and feel like the real Delta Airlines Employee portal. We think the coolest feature that is completely original is our brand new IFE System, featuring the ability to Watch, Play, Listen and enjoy from hundreds of options to entertain yourself. We also know that the X-Plane community is also expanding very fast, so we will be looking into options so we can become an X-Plane supported airline. From the Acars, to the Staff we are here to help you learn and enjoy the wonderful hobby we all share. We are currently in the final stages of building and are preparing for our august 20th opening, Stay up to date with the latest information by visiting our twitter, Facebook, and Youtube pages. We hope to see you all in the Virtual Skies soon! Virtual Delta Airlines Staff Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: