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  1. BSLEP

    Flight Plan Problems

    Thank you Jan and Tom. Jan, I could not find a "fault finder" in AIFP2 or TrafficTools, although in AIFP, there is a "Validate Flight Plan" button, which I used for the two flight plans that were not showing up. For both plans "Flight Plan Validates with no problems" resulted. Tom, I have always been in GMT when checking. And yes, all of the aircraft.txt IS exactly the same, and AIFP said that they were. The problem is not for EVERY flight plan I have, only two of them, one of which is self-created, and the other is edited.
  2. BSLEP

    Flight Plan Problems

    And no, not all of the traffic, just certain files do not show up. Bryson
  3. BSLEP

    Flight Plan Problems

    Jan, Yes, I am at the right airport at the right time. Bryson
  4. BSLEP

    Flight Plan Problems

    Thank you for your response Jan, actually, I am using FS9 (I knew I forgot to say something!). And I looked at AIFP, and the flight plans have a target version of FS9, I even compiled them again for a target version of FS9, but they still don't show up. Bryson Jan, I also just "validated" the flight plans with AIFP, and a message saying "Flight Plan List validates without error" appeared. Bryson
  5. Hello, lately I have started creating my own AI flight plans with AIFP and FPGen by Rysiek Winawer. I compile the AIFP plans with the built-in compiler and FPGen with TrafficTools. But I have ran into a problem, the traffic doesn't show up! Yes, I have the .bgl files placed in the (Flight Simulator\Scenery\World\scenery) folder, also, there were no errors in any of the flight plans. Most of the flight plans that I have downloaded (from MAIW and other third-party downloads) work fine, but some of them don't show up! Any help would be appreciated! ~Bryson Sleppy~