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  1. mamarracho

    Love for the MD-11

    Let´s hope PMDG will not do the same with the MD-11 as Level D done with the B767... Do not let the MD-11 die! Thanks, Milton Pais
  2. mamarracho

    Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    Milton Pais
  3. mamarracho

    Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    :im Not Worthy:
  4. looks like a Schopf F300 photo uploading what else pushback tractors will be available?
  5. mamarracho

    Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    Great to know Milton
  6. mamarracho

    MRO working schedule

    Hi, I'm trying to find more information about aircraft maintenance, and until now i couldn´t find reliable information regarding Maintenance, Repair and Operations working schedules. As far as I know, Line Maintenance must be 24/7/365; Regarding Base Maintenance, what is the comum pratice? 24hours per day, or just day time, and if so, every day of the week or weekends off? thanks
  7. Hope to see some of this pushback tractors imagehosting
  8. mamarracho

    Do you want the 777-200/ER?

    I'd buy it for 89.99 €
  9. What pushback tractor will be simulated in the UGCX? Goldhofer, Douglas, Trepel CHALLENGER, ... Will we have towbarless or/and conventional type tractors?