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  1. Hello guys, I was able to convince the well known Repainter Christian Mohr to paint the whole Lufthansa Cargo 777 Freighter fleet. He did a stunning job, as always with his repaints. I added the custom airline configuration so this is now the most accurate Repaint pack available for the Lufthansa Cargo fleet. Christian put a lot of work into this, so did I. If you wanna fly the virtual world in the Lufthansa Cargo livery give it a shot and download those repaints. It's free. Enjoy! And thanks again to Christian for all of your work over the years, the sim community greatly appreciates this! Here is the link:
  2. Culero90

    Lufthansa Cargo configuration?

    Hello David, I happen to have the exact config. Airline options - Displays Flight Director: Cross-Hair ND Symbols: U.S. Wind display: Arrow Engine Data: Dial Altitude, Speed and heading indicators/bugs: Precision/Bowtie Units: Weight Indicators: KGs Zone temperature units: Celsius Hydraulic quantities: Gal. Airline options - Equipment GPS/GNS Equipped: Yes RCWS Equipped: Yes Deflected Ailerons Option: Yes Autobrakes high deceleration rate: Yes Heavy fuel distribution: Yes FMS Software Load: -920 (Pegasus) Default Descent Performance Speed: Use ECON descent speed Will not disclose where I got this from - but you can trust me that its correct. Have a nice evening!
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    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    After all those years I should've known better... I mean I already bought 6 Products from PMDG... I only want the 747 to be the Queen she deserves to be in Flightsim - that's why I pointed these small flaws out - but my gut feeling already told me: "Dude, they are PMDG - they won't miss these mistakes." - And my gut was right Thanks for clarifying though Robert - did I say I can't wait for release before? I can't wait for release!
  4. Culero90

    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    Damn, those pictures look amazing. Shut up and take my money, please Found 2 small things, compared them to numerous real world pictures and found they are a bit off: The "RST", "STD", "CTR", and "TFC" Buttons on the MCP look a bit more protruded in real life than on these screenshots - maybe it's only the angle though. Second thing are the Autopilot buttons on the 747-8 MCP - they look the same as in the 747-400 - in real life they look like the 777 Autopilot buttons which are perfectly modeled in the PMDG 777. Maybe this in an Option in real life for airlines - if that's the case just ignore me. Otherwise - beautiful work - can't wait. Thanks PMDG.