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  1. BumpThrust

    Desk Pilot Professional

    I'll buy it if there is no need for any work around with separate panels or key-assignments. Controlling the whole flight from the VC - as you can with the AS Airbus.
  2. Hi, to find out which AI textures and models (IVAO MTL) cause my sim to crash, I'm searching for a software logging 2 things: - all multiplayer/AI aircraft ever loaded during the session by "title=" from the aircraft.cfg - all multiplayer/AI aircraft present in my sim session @time of the FS crash, again named by "title=" from the aircraft.cfg Is there any software that can do this?
  3. BumpThrust

    Unstoppable right turn followed by FSX crash

    I repeated the same flight with the same route, weather, sceneries etc. Only the IVAO traffic situation had changed (there is not so much traffic in the US), so something AI texture file related is highly probable. The question is: how to identify the faulty texture?
  4. BumpThrust

    Unstoppable right turn followed by FSX crash

    That means it occured back in the days when flying with 1C, but also today with 1D. I suspect that FE.dll might be a problem with an IVAO-MTL aircraft, strange is though that this "turning" only occured with the NGX. I`m also not sure whether those 2 things (turning and FE.dll fault) are related.
  5. This occured to me twice already, using ASN and SP1C / SP1D, FSX ACC Pack, online on IVAO. Everything is normal, suddenly the aircraft starts to bank right about 7 degress and maintains that attitude. Moving the Yoke/disconnecting the autopilot has no effect. The aircraft flies circles and there is nothing I can do to stop it. After a while, FSX has a fatal error and needs to be closed. This only occured with the NGX so far.