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  1. Jamiebee84

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    Hi Kevin Just wanted to say thank you - I tried this out today and now the sound is coming through perfectly! Just about to try my first flight... Also, I wanted to say thank you to Bryan at FS2Crew - really appreciate your very quick response to my support ticket yesterday. Happy flying everyone! Jamie
  2. Jamiebee84

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    I submitted a ticket - #G47-GPU-95M6
  3. Jamiebee84

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    No sound for me either - I've pressed the A.Test button but don't hear anything. I followed the Troubleshooting steps but no joy.
  4. Jamiebee84

    22Jul14 - Sp1 Monitoring Items Updated

    Hi all, I've been getting the pause issue - i'm currently flying from LOWW to OMDB with ASN and the weather radar on and it's pausing more often than usual - twice so far and i've been in the air for 20 minutes... Could it be something with the weather integration that's making it worse? Jamie Boreham
  5. Jamiebee84

    19JUL14 - SP1 Feedback Items we are monitoring...

    I'm getting the pause issue - stopped for ~15 minutes earlier so had to close down and restart... I did have this issue before upgrading to SP1 but i used to be able to 'trick' the system into getting going again by alt-tab-ing to the task manager and then going back into FSX. It seems to get things going again. What info do you need for the ticket? How to I submit it? Interestingly, I had done one flight without issue (OMDB to LOWW). I closed down the sim and then a few hours later loaded back up at LOWW and did the return flight to OMDB. It was about half-way through that flight that it did the long pause. The only difference between the two flights is that i upped the traffic from 10% to 30%. Hope that helps... Jamie Boreham
  6. Hi Tobus, I'm having this problem... What was the setting you changes that fixed it? thanks Jamie Boreham