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  1. TCA2050

    No download link received for the 777-300ER

    Too bad, but no avail. I think the error I made was being in a hurry and immediately purchasing via Paypal instead from login into my account. Now my purchase doesn't show under my account which I think is reasonable taking the above into account, but the download link I got in my email keeps running dead.... always get back to the login screen and worst case gives me an error asking to contact the sales admin. Sent a mail to support a few hours ago... guess I"ll have to sit this one out :-( STefaan
  2. TCA2050

    No download link received for the 777-300ER

    Same here, purchased directly via PayPal without my account info. Now when I click on the link I got in my confirmation email, I go to a login screen... Login is OK with purchase code and then I get a download link at the site that appears only to find myself back at the login screen..... Frustrating vicious circle here.... 12 hours since purchase and still no file Regards, Stefaan - EBOS