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  1. StefanoMapelli

    Little info

    then, if he uses my account I will be revoked license? although I'll use ever more my account? Thank you!
  2. StefanoMapelli

    Cedo tutto!

    a causa dell' eula pmdg...non si può vendere i loro prodotti...detto questo...non è più in vendita nulla
  3. StefanoMapelli

    Little info question... i can give my account pmdg with t7, to my friend...because, i don't use anymore... of course, he have another computer... thank you!
  4. salve a tutti...a chi interessa, purtroppo per tempo, vendo i seguenti add-on per fsx/prepared3d: Aerosoft Airbus x extended Pmdg 777 base + 300 er Active sky next (per far funzionare il WR del T7) F/a 18 superbug, + tacpack tutto in versione digitale, ovviamente con ricevute e seriali... credo che 80 euro siano un prezzo onesto...grazie!
  5. Release is today... Prerelease cheklist: Credit card..........ready and armed Fsx......................installed and ready Scenary..............ready First Flight Plan..ready, Dubai to Frankfurt Emirates coming!!!!!!!!!!!! (today, tomorrow, next year?!)
  6. StefanoMapelli

    Event on IVAO for release of Pmdg 777!?

    I already know enough about the t7, t7 I flew on the fs2004 pss on, and it was not bad ... and then, if you already know a good drive 737 NGX, more or less the basic actions are always the same ... I just finished watching the video of the pilotseye AeroLogic ... beautiful, it might be a good idea to play it with the PMDG ...
  7. StefanoMapelli

    Event on IVAO for release of Pmdg 777!?

    Yes...for make a good online flight is better spend some time with this beautiful plane..... all depend of release date...
  8. StefanoMapelli

    Event on IVAO for release of Pmdg 777!?

    Of course...!!!!! Monza is off limits! But for study, isn't a short flight...during cruise you can I ever do it...
  9. StefanoMapelli

    Event on IVAO for release of Pmdg 777!?

    Frankfurt is better...heatrow, there are never any air traffic control, because they are too ugly! would be a mess if all partiao from the same airport ... with the same routes, it would also not real ... and boring for the control plane ... better to have a destination, however, with departures different ... anyway ... I take T7 emirates from dubai to Frankfurt!
  10. Hi all! I got an idea. when it is released (hopefully next week) the 777, we organize an event on ivao, with the new T7, departing from an airport at will (depending on the chosen company) and arriving in Frankfurt. For example, I choose the 'emirates, dubai departure and arrival in Frankfurt ... so, if we calculate more or less the time comes ... we will come to frankfurt all together in a time of 1 hour-30 min so as to have an app with app, tower, ground .... if you want to participate ... let's say that the 777 comes out on Wednesday morning hours Zulu, you can leave at noon and arrive in the evening ... who wants to participate and put the company that uses the route with destination frankfurt ... and according to the product's release date and decide 'now. thank you and goodbye!
  11. StefanoMapelli

    PMDG 777 Information

    -300 version will be released? while the EFB as it will be implemented? 747-400-800 when the 2.0?
  12. StefanoMapelli

    PMDG 777 Information

    is possible make a video...with a full cold and dark, insert Flight plan, all cheklist and procedures, take off, piece of cruise and landing and taxy to the gate... for who would learn something abaut T7 and real procedures I recommend the last video of pilotseye, with t7 with aerologic!!! is very beatifull!!! or a same video of World air routes...