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  1. Hi guys, I wanted to set up a flight with arrival at WSSS (Changi Singapore) but the strangest thing happened. For some reason the 747 won't recognise any runways or SIDs/STARs at WSSS. I ended up using WSAP to land which worked fine. The 777 has no problem recognising WSSS so I was wondering why there might be a problem with the 747. Cheers Brian
  2. Brian Carter

    PMDG737 update and FS2Crew

    Thank you Stefan. I loaded the NGX at a gate and FS2Crew started okay. I haven't taken it for a flight yet but it looks promising. Regards Brian
  3. Brian Carter

    PMDG737 update and FS2Crew

    Hi guys, I have seen related posts but this one may be slightly different. I have been running the NGX on the old FSX for some time along with FS2Crew voice and I have been having a great time with it. My NGX is the boxed version and I came across the Aerosoft site update for it. I uninstalled the old NGX and installed the new one. I thought it was version D but the aircraft.cfg identifies it as Build 1.10.6461. It could be version D as the weather radar is working. After running FSX and confirming that the NGX was working okay I started FS2Crew and there was the SDK error. I uninstalled FS2Crew and reinstalled but the error this time was: Not sure what is going on here but it looks like I have to go back to 1C and forget about updating the NGX. Running FSX on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. DX9. Thanks in advance for your assistance.