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  1. planemaniac89

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Frank- I haven't been able to successfully start the unit, even after the most recent install and uninstall about 15 minutes ago. -Noah
  2. planemaniac89

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Frank- I haven't really messed with the databases lately, and I don't think I've done anything to the flash memory. I'll try to get it working, but at this point it looks like I'm going to have to reinstall again. Thanks for the quick reply. -Noah
  3. planemaniac89

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Yes, several times. Still with the same result. Bert- I usually get warnings on windows defender when files are quarantined, I'll dig deeper and see what I can find. Bill- I've tried that and sometimes and works and sometimes not. In order for me to get it to work I have to reinstall everything.
  4. planemaniac89

    GTN 750 Stuck

    Hi there, I have the GTN750 and have installed it in several of the planes I own. When I initially install the software and configure it in all of my planes, it works fine. Days later I will use it and when I start the plane the unit will "half power on" so to speak. All I can see is a gray screen with a "STARTING" message on the bottom left corner. Does anyone know what this is about? I have tried reinstalling the software, reinstalling P3D, running as admin, etc with no luck. I am running windows 10 and use windows defender, and as far as I can tell, no files required by the unit have been quarantined by my antivirus. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Noah
  5. planemaniac89

    RealAir Duke

    THANK YOU BILL!!! -Noah
  6. planemaniac89

    RealAir Duke

    Unfortunately I don't have the option in my configurator for the F1 750. I only have "no gps" or the default 500. I do have a gauge file in my duke folder that says F1GTN. Do I need to put that somewhere? -Noah
  7. planemaniac89

    RealAir Duke

    Hi there, I'm trying to configure my Duke with the GTN 750. I am able to use the unit in a pop up window. I cannot, however, make the unit display on the VC panel. I have put the "RealityXP.gtn" file in the duke folder under sim objects, and have altered the panel.cfg to reflect the changes that I found in this forum: I have also tried using the RXP panel config tool but with no success. If anyone could be of assistance that would be appreciated. Thanks. -Noah