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  1. GolfLima99

    "Invalid Entry" Terminal Waypoints in FMC

    Same here. Got a lot of directs in EDDP and EDDF the last days. Almost none of the waypoints could be entered manually...and they were as well not listed in the legs page when i selected the transition which should include them according to the charts. Cheers, Volker
  2. I think you got it wrong...i'm cool and i totally agree with their policy to keep it until its completely finished. Thats why i said "who cares about one week more now"....and even if its 2 or 3 i dont care, i prefer a complete product instead of a bugged version. Volker
  3. Damn it!! I'm not at home for a few days and i was hoping that its getting released this weekend so that i get a perfectly fast and uninterrupted download when im back next week i hope you gonna release it in a timeframe when people are normally at work that i still can get my fast download (good to be an air traffic controller and working shifts^^). But now seriously. First of all, thanks for the update. I'm reading in this forum for months now and i'm really looking forward to this amazing plane. But guys take your time to get all things straight. Everybody here is waiting quite long, so who...honestly...cares about one week now? I totally agree with Ryan as he says that they are not willing to release it with a known "bug". Apparently some of you guys desperately want it now no matter if there's a small issue to be solved. But if that problem would then occur on your system, would you just accept it or blame PMDG for releasing it with that kind of problem? I guess the latter. If you want stuff NOW including known issues, there are some products available on the market. But as we all know, PMDG stands for precision (or i prefer to call it perfection, as that is what their products are). And i'm glad that they keep it like that and solve everything they find. So just relax a bit guys, have some beers, let them do their job...and in one week all of us can enjoy this great addon. To end that here....thanks to all of you guys of the DEV team, the Beta testers, you crazy simmers and everybody else who made that project become real and awesome. Just a few days to go guys, then you can enjoy a well deserved non 777 least i hope that for you. Keep it are fantastic. Volker