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  1. Steve, thank you so much for that update. I made a small test on the ground with the T7 and my mcppro and everything looks fine.
  2. Thanks for your efforts, but I see no differences to the other file.
  3. Yeah, that would be great. :lol: Updating a scenery seems to be no specialty of Thai Creations.
  4. Thank you very much. It is working for me without FTX. I tried an ILS approach rwy27. I don´t know if it has to do with that elevation fix, but the glidepath is very low (4 red papi) and the dme-readout is wrong. On landing DME appr. 2 instead of 0.
  5. First deleting that file doesn´t help. For me it makes a different when flying in or out. Out is fine, but in I have that issue. I think it has to do something with the other airport and it is really up to the developer to present a solution.
  6. I don´t have any mesh or FTX and I have that problem. It looks exactly like in Luis screenshot.
  7. I never used ADE or something like this. A payware scenery has to work out of the box or the developer has to give support in a forum or answering mails. So I wrote a mail to Simmarket and submitted a ticket. Not one hour later there was a respond and I got a credit for that scenery. That is excellent support.
  8. I tried this today coming from Delhi, but that does´t help. Still had the elavation problem.
  9. That is a good question. Support from ThaiCreation is very poor. So I won´t buy again for a while. I will try what Bob suggests.
  10. I have an easy solution for that elevation error. I just changed the sequence of VABB and VAJJ (that airport is included in Mumbai) in the scenery library. Looks very good now. :smile:
  11. I bought that scenery today and on the first view it is really nice and framefriendly. But I have an elevation problem. The taxilines and markings are floating over the airport and on the runway 27 there are some hills. I cannot find a forum from THAI for help; only Facebook but I don´t use that. Ideas?
  12. Sorry, one more shot. This is my really long loved ASwxRE for FS8.Looks in this case more than the real thing.
  13. One more shot. EHAM shows at 3K 241@57. If ASX transfers these winds into FSX it is really difficult to land.Wind should be not more than 20kts. We have really nice clear winter day.
  14. Ok, try it again. Seems to be the same today. It is now 10.45Z.Here is the briefing page (EHAM-EDDF like yesterday):Here is the forecast to 12Z (appr. route in red):ASX still shows these strong westerly winds, but I cant find them on the real chart.Need anything more?
  15. Wind smoothing was disabled.But I will look for SP3 and have the newest FSUIPC succesful in use.
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