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    VFR to IFR transition inFlight

    Is there anyway to start a VFR flight and transition, in flight, to an IFR? If affirm, do I just need to create and file a flight plan while in the air and request clearance the same way that I do when I'm on the ground? I'm confused regarding the way to proceed and help/clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  2. LAAviation2015

    VFR to IFR transition inFlight

    Ok great. I will try that. Thanks Dave!
  3. I'm unable to get any reflection in my instruments. I'm getting it in all my other airplanes but not in that one. Any thought? Thanks.
  4. LAAviation2015

    15 days trials tribulation

    Hello Dave, I downloaded the trial of you product tonight. It really looks awesome and it seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, I'm unable to be voice-recognized when I talk to it. My headset/microphone is working fine according to windows (I use Windows 7 Profesional and X Plane 10.35 64-bit). I tried both the grammar training section and the PTT regular command of the main interface, saying the exact words given as exemple but to no avail... I read all the posts related to this topic, again no chance. I need your help here to figure out the issue and solution because I'm really interested in this addon. Thanks in advance! Francis
  5. I have Direct X 11 installed.. But I'm not able to see any cockpit shadows. Please someone help! Thank you!