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  1. Paladin851

    Q400 First Officer Training now live!

    Hello Ben Thankfully all is well now,I have been looking forward to the release of the First Officer training for some time now and was able to complete my purchase yesterday. Regards Walt
  2. Paladin851

    Q400 First Officer Training now live!

    Greetings to all I am curently unable to purchase the First officer training. Click on activate/buy and it goes to a blank page ( shows header and backround image ) and stays there. Regards Walt
  3. Paladin851

    MU-2 Elevator Trim Tabs

    Seems to me that the patches issued bye Flysimware have been small in size and directly addressing issues reported on these forums,no waiting for months to get things fixed like other developers. On the subject of fixes can you point me to an aircraft add-on that didn't need patching ? been doing this for many years and have never seen one. I have never beta tested for a flight sim add-on but have for several other program types and issues get through despite the very best of intentions.They always have and I have little doubt that they always will. As for the elevator trim tab issue....For some reason the trim tabs on mine have the correct animations as per the examples noted above. I have no clue as to why that is and how it can differ from the complaints above.
  4. Paladin851

    mu2 v1.5: what happened guys?

    I have been a modder and beta tester for many years and the simple unfortunate facts of life are that no release has ever survived without some bugs getting through beta testing.....why?....... I have no idea. I can tell you that its every bit as frustrating (and in some cases probably more so) for the developer as its is for the customer. Its never been a question of if there are going to be bugs its been a mater of how quickly a developer responds to the problems and flysimware has responded exceptionally well. Six updates in less then a month !!! to me that proves there commitment to there customers.
  5. Greetings Is there a means to gift the dash-8 course to someone. I would like to be able to gift the course to some of the pilots in the VA I represent ( Legion Air Virtual ). Best regards WaltM
  6. Paladin851

    LegionAir Redesigned

    Legion Air will soon be adding a cargo division using a company route structure as well as the recently released "cargo Module V1" from CrazyCreative which offers an excellent list of randomly generated cargo flights world wide. Additions to the fleet currently are the freighter variants of the MD-11,777,767,757,747-400 and for the Airbus fans the A300B4-203F. Legion Air Cargo will be up and running just as soon as repaints are sorted and final testing is complete.....stay tuned for more details.
  7. Paladin851

    LegionAir Redesigned

    Great VA with a ton of potential. Definetly worth taking a few minutes to check it out.