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  1. Ok I have received a very nice e-mail from HiFi fully explains the reason why ASX no longer works which I'm fully aware of now. The reason for this post was to raise the wider FS issues and try to make company's aware that by doing this only forces people into downloading pirate copies of products.
  2. Vic Basiclly yes that's what I'm thinking, I love the products produced for FSX and despite my rant I will more than Likely continue to use them. I'm not having a dig just at HiFI all I'm trying to get across is that The FS world is a very niche market and by company's EOL products and cutting support without a word and making you pay for extended downloads then they are forcing people over to the likes of pirate bay. Also not sure if you would have the answer but could you explain the server difference between AS2004 and FSX products?.
  3. Julian I agree with you to a certain point what I'm trying to get them to answer is how one product is now no longer workingkng / supported because of servers but yet another (AS2004) which is twice as old still continues to work with no problems?. All I'm saying is on the surface it appears that they have done this purely to force FSX users into buying their new product as to me their reply does not make any sense, it's not unusual there are lots of other company's that do the same thing and each time they are pushing more and more customers to the dark side with the likes of pirate bay ect. I don't use it I'd rather purchase my product but I can see people's point of view if this continues to happen all the time.
  4. I did reply to them stating that its not just HiFI that are doing this sort of thing. It seems to be common practice now to over charge customers for FS products. If its the EOL or extended down load it's wrong when We purchase a product we should not be expected to pay lets say an extra 10 euros for some extended down load when you have paid almost 80 euros for the product in the first place or for it not to work at all. And also I did not quite get their point when I have AS2004 ony laptop and its working fine. So as far as I'm concerned there should be no reason why ASX should not work. It just seems that AS2012 is out for FSX and someone has come up with the idea of getting people to buy it. I don't condone it but company's are pushing people towards the black market so to speak with the likes of pirate bay ect.
  5. Hi all To be honest I'm not sure that I'm going to buy anymore Active sky products, a few days ago my Active sky x stopped down loading weather , I opened a ticket in the support section with regards to this their reply is at the bottom . I'm sorry but this appears to me that they have done this purely in order to force you to buy their new product (AS2012) who's to say that when another new product is released they are not going to do the same thing. Also just one little point I have active sky 2004 on my laptop which is WORKING so I don't quite get their point with regards to the EOL Hello Owen, We apologize for the inconvenience. Due to server security issues, data compatibility and ASX reaching its End of Life Cycle (EOL) as it is almost 8 years old, we finally had to phase out the ASX weather services which in turn will unfortunately render ASX obsolete for real-time data download functionality. You are eligible to upgrade your ASX product to Active Sky 2012 for FSX at a significantly reduced upgrade discount. For more information about this upgrade promotion and Active Sky 2012, please visit www.activesky2012.com . We'd like to thank you for your patronage and for supporting our continued development efforts. We appreciate comments and feedback regarding our products and services, including our approach to handling ASX's EOL situation. We look forward to doing whatever we can to achieve your total satisfaction. Please let us know how you would like to handle this. Sincerely!! HiFi Support Regards, Dave Opper Community Manager/Support Specialist HiFi Support Team HiFi Technologies, Inc. Ticket Details Department: Sales Type: Issue Status: On Hold Priority: Urgent Support Center: http://support.hifitechinc.com