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  1. nyydave

    Has The Speed Brake Lever Moved ?

    Ha well the correct alignment is very much in the way of top-down angles with ez-dok.
  2. These full series are amazing. Anyone have links to more similar sites/videos?
  3. nyydave

    Landing Issues

    Alright, I set the joystick to "Never" override the throttle and everything is fine now. To answer an earlier question, my PFD speed goes from "SPD" on approach to "Idle" on touchdown. It must have been a joystick issue, thanks everyone.
  4. nyydave

    Landing Issues

    That is a good question, and I'll have to check it out as I can't recall. I'll try the setting to disregard my throttle too just in case thanks.
  5. nyydave

    Landing Issues

    Hey everyone, I'm having a strange problem in about 75% of my landings where the 777 hits the runway and immediately goes full throttle. I feel like I have to have the aircraft set up correctly, speed at VREF+5 with A/T, autoland configured, speed breaks armed, auto breaks at 3. My physical throttle stays idle since before TOD. After a second on the ground I right click disarm A/P and give it a second right click to silence the alarm. By this point the 777 is usually throttle up and I fight it and click frantically to shut off any auto controls but it's like they're overriding me? Let me know what I did silly... David Chapman