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  1. onceyougoblack

    Random crash after takeoff

    Hi After installing the PMDG 777 i experienced lots of ctd. My settings are raher high so i thought it´s just too much for my machine. After some hours i found the problem: in the bios: RAM speed was not listed automatically. had to insert it manually. after that no more ctd. maybe that helps for others as well.
  2. Aerosoft stated that there will be an update coming next week bringing some new features like multi crew experience and some fixes e.g. Brg/dist constantly updating in progress page and dimmable lights. Read it here http://flightsimex.blogspot.de/ Ben
  3. onceyougoblack

    Experience ruined by its FPS!

    direct x 10 is disabled in my fsx.cfg. you should always run it in dx9 and you get no shimmering with sparse grid supersampling. the fsx.cfg i posted was there for the values to be set, not to copy and paste. so no wonder your plane was black cause dx10 is off in my settings. hope you can get it running. if you want send me your fsx.cfg and i try to tweak it for you. i need your hardware specs then. ben
  4. onceyougoblack

    Experience ruined by its FPS!

    Hi i tried for three days to get the 777 running with stable fps...and made it happen... if you wanna read it... http://flightsimex.blogspot.de/2013/09/pmdg-stable-30-fps-guide.html Ben