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  1. jimfr78


    i guess it is night for them :(
  2. jimfr78


    hello same problem here, i guess there is an issue on the server
  3. ok i found the problem, don't use a tunnel .....
  4. hello i have the exact same problem but also with vfx central
  5. Hello Bryan i have bought in 2014 the bundle "FS2Crew - Special Collection Set" with RAAS in it, the last version i had was the so i downloaded again the big zip file from my link received and surprised the version of RAAS is still and not the last one. Is it normal ? Thanks Jean-Michel PS : i just read the few messages above and i am not alone
  6. jimfr78

    PrecipitFX on v4?

    it seems seeing videos of P3Dv4 that there is still not any rain drop effects on the VC, are you plan to make a product for that ?
  7. hello i have problems also, exemple:on my fslabs a320 the pilot view appears just behind the head set of the seat but as soon as i try to modify by forwarding the cam it change to another preset (outside one) and i can't move the pilot view
  8. jimfr78

    P3D V4

    Thanks Keven, so if you don't have the V4, i guess it won't get out so soon
  9. jimfr78

    P3D V4

    we are in the dark side... a lot of supposition, what will happen with a 64 bits P3D, how the developper will manage to stay compatible .....
  10. jimfr78

    P3D V4

    Hello, a lot of sites are announcing P3D v4 for very soon and it should be in 64 bits, what about CP ? did you plan something in 64 bits ? Thanks
  11. i have reinstalled the all last P3D (3.4.22) from scratch and everything is back to normal, i don't know what has bothered CP.
  12. Hello big issue, i wanted to install the new HF4 from p3d (3.4.22 only the client) but some of my addons didn't work so i came back reinstalling the client from 3.4.18 but now CP doesn't connect to P3D, i tried to unsinstall it and install it but no success It works great on FSX:SE thanks JM
  13. jimfr78

    the view dezoom and zoom alone

    Hello, last News, i have activated the wide view aspect with a zoom of 1.00, no more issue, everything is fine, thanks a lot Keven for your help and keep your excellent work ( i surelly do not want a refund as some people are asking )
  14. jimfr78

    the view dezoom and zoom alone

    yes all the time in fact without any reason and randomly but it didn't occur while the zoom was indicated at 1 on the top right, but restarting Chasplane now it said 0.39 zoom and in chaseplane zoom = 1.001 and the view change between 0.39 zoom and 0.30 zoom
  15. jimfr78

    the view dezoom and zoom alone

    finally i have talk too early, it still does it