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  1. I was unhappy with the jetways in FSX aligning (or rather mis-aligning) with the beautiful new 777, so I made a small tweak. On the Z coordinate in the Exits section of the aircraft.cfg file, change the 12.X whatever PMDG entered to an 8 and you'll be much more pleased with the vertical alignment. The jetways will no longer jump into and hang in mid air to meet the deck - they align pretty much right on (as far as appearances go). Now, the only remaining issue, and I'd appreciate some help from someone more enlightened is the default jetways are a bit short to hit the 2L door. The FSDT KDFW jetways are fine and still checking a few - but default jetways in FSX simply don't have the reach to hit 2L. Any thoughts?? It's not a problem when I'm coming in, as I can simply pull in further to avoid the issue, but starting from cold/dark, most airports see the issue.
  2. Are your United repaints posted? They didn't show up when I checked out your repaints using your link. Would love to see them - I myself don't have the patience/knowledge to do them or I would have also.
  3. PMDG, first of all AWESOME job on this aircraft (the 777). Loving it! The 737NGX is my other favorite so you guys are the backbone of my fleet. I fly United a lot and am curious why your United fonts are off on all your repaints (they're too stretched out vs the real aircraft I see daily when I take my wife to work at KIAH)? I mean, you guys do everything to the nth degree, but this one tiny issue is glaring because of everything else being so perfect. Any chance of doing a livery update for the NGX's and 777 to correct?? Thanks! -Jim PS - Either way I still love your work!
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