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  1. NathJones1990

    ATC not working

    Ahhhhh that has worked!! great thanks for your help!
  2. NathJones1990

    2D Panel discussion

    No but surely its not too much work to do? I just dont understand why they dont give you the option. We pay alot of money for the product and they cant create a 2D panel so that the player can at least choose what view they use. Would it take much work to create one?
  3. NathJones1990

    ATC not working

    Thanks for your help
  4. NathJones1990

    2D Panel discussion

    Hi I am fully aware by now that there is no 2D panel and i am not a computer expert or developer by any stretch of the imagination but how hard can it be to create/make a 2D panel for this aircraft for anyone who wishes to use it? Im not made of money and dont have the best graphics card and so by using the 2D cockpit over the VC it helps a lot with my FPS and ease of use. Thanks Nath
  5. NathJones1990

    ATC not working

    HI I have found that the ATC doesn't work every now and again. It will work when i first load up the aircraft but not if i change the state of the aircraft to Shot, Long etc or shut the engines down. It is as if my radios are tuned incorrectly yet i don't touch or change the frequency's on them Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Nath
  6. NathJones1990

    no 2D Cockpit

    Thanks for the reply, i may have to give this a try! i can see many replies saying 'should have done your homework' etc. I always go through products before buying them, but like you say it never said that there wouldn't be a 2D cockpit and this is something that you expect as standard! I have only just joined avsim today as i am so unhappy with this! so i wouldnt have known about it! very unhappy man :( thanks for your help anyway Nath
  7. NathJones1990

    no 2D Cockpit

    I always do research especially with this money involved but i never saw anywhere that there was no 2D cockpit and as with the 737 and 747 you kind of expect it!
  8. NathJones1990

    no 2D Cockpit

    Hi There I am very unhappy to find out there is no 2D cockpit included with this product like with the 737NGX and 747X As i would expect with PMDG the product in general is amazing however for me it is unplayable as i fly all my aircraft with the 2D cockpit. When i use the virtual cockpit i cannot see all the buttons etc clearly and could be pressing anything! Therefore at the moment this is £60/$90 wasted! I hope that a 2D cockpit will be available by the next update otherwise i don't know what to do! Does anyone else feel this way? Thanks Nath
  9. NathJones1990

    2D Cockpit

    Hi Maniac59 There is no 2D panel available which i am really unhappy about. I fly all my aircraft using the 2D panel. Apart from this the product is amazing as you would expect with PMDG but for me it is unplayable using the virtual cockpit as i cant see what buttons i am pressing! so at the moment it is £60 down the drain!!! I hope they will include a D cockpit in an update soon...although apparently we are told to just get used to it! Thanks Nath