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  1. I confirm it is wrong, in France we are using: speed: kts, wind speed: kts; distance NM, Fuel: liters, weight: kg, Altitude: feet, QNH: hpa Try to use "hybrid" in option, it is bit better as altitude is in feet, but speed, wind and distance are wrong
  2. Sorry for him, but here no CTD as well, good real traffic and wonderful real weather, waiting for being a VR beta use in VFR 🙂
  3. Yes thank you to the team, and I start to like it as well 😉 not afraid anymore to wait more than one year for PMDG
  4. Hi Andy, Just flew Grand Caravan during 2h after the patch, over high mountain, using often AP VS mode; no issue, Grand Cravan was catching Altitude.
  5. Not sure it is answering your question, but all windows could be "detached" and send to another monitor ie: map, checklist
  6. Hi Dave, Same here, my King Air throttle was working well in P3D V2, but I have some issue with V3 Still trying
  7. Hi Ben, Thank you for your answer. I just sent you details by mail as requested. With all great feedbacks about your training,I was a bit impatient Thank you
  8. Thank you all for your answers and advices So I confirmed I have bought through Airline2sim When I go to the training programs section, video are not activated (orange not green), I checked my SPAM, but no activation mail. And I also send a mail using Airline2sim's contact section giving my paypal transaction details, but no answer yet. Looks like they don't yet have activated my purchase, I bought it only 4 days ago, I'll wait a bit more:) In any case thank you for your help
  9. Hi again, Looks like if you buy on airline2sim site you cannot access video through Vimeo on demand :( I'll be patient and wait for Airlin2sim team's answer thanks
  10. thank you very much Peter, As I bought the cadet course on Airline2sim website, and not on Vimeo on demand, I though access would have been on their site. I'll try to found their videos on Vimeo thanks
  11. Hi, Quick one to existing users, I bought Q400 cadet training package Saturday , and no news from the team, I cannot access the videos in my profile. I'm trying to figure out if the delay is normal or not, thanks to share your experience Cheers Louis
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