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  1. smoerdyk

    CS 767 P3D 3.1

    Hmmm ... I guess I will just have to wait and keep my fingers crossed. The other aircraft I keep searching for is 757. Quality Wings stated that it is compatible with P3D but it didn't like it when I attempted to install. Perhaps I will try again.
  2. smoerdyk

    CS 767 P3D 3.1

    Other than CS & Level-D, are there ANY other payware 767 developers? Seems like that's a hard aircraft to find with a native P3D installer. Trying to avoid the "migration method" as I have had nothing but issues with it.
  3. smoerdyk


    What method are you using to do pushback? Are you using an addon like GSX or PMDG pushback feature or are you using the standard flightsim pushback method?
  4. I would recommend visiting There are a number of various builds people have completed on a strict budget which you might find useful...
  5. smoerdyk

    Radio frequency (most likely my error)

    I did find that using the FSInn text option works. For example, typing in the chat box, ".com1 135.650" .. it would tune correctly. I also noticed though that when I am asked to switch back to unicom, I do that via the radios in the cockpit, I continued to remain on his voice freq. and my typing in FSInn was still on his frequency. The only way I could ACTUALLY switch to unicom was to use the chat .com1 command again..
  6. Hello All! I am pretty new to all PMDG products but with that said, thank you for your incredible products. You have brought my sim experiences to an entirely new level! With that said, I am running into bit of an issue when attempting to tune my com radios for ATC services on VATSIM. For example, lets say a controllers frequency is 129.850. For some reason, my PMDG 777 tunes in increments of .250. What I mean is these are the only frequencies I can tune when I turn the dial: 129.000, 129.250, 129.500, 129.750, 130.00 Anybody else running into this? Steve