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  1. FloRyan

    PMDG 777 + P3D = No Activation?

    I got my new license keys but there was no window on the installer to put them in! I already installed nearly every PMDG airplane on FSX and I know how it should look like on the installer. For the first time this page with my license info is just completely missing. Problem solved. Uninstalled everything from PMDG including Operations Center by hand. Reinstalled the 777 in P3D and finally, an activation key window!
  2. FloRyan

    PMDG 777 + P3D = No Activation?

    Hey there, I just purchased the new P3D 777 and tried to install it. But there was now window asking me for my activation code / license - the installation continued and got no errors. After starting P3D I can choose the Triple 7 but the cockpit is dark, landing gear is missing and no buttons can be pressed (seems like a problem with the registration and activation). I did a complete and clean new install of P3D v2.4 with no other addons before starting to install the 777 (because i switched from FSX which got uninstalled completely before). Any ideas what is going wrong? Win 7 64bit is running in admin mode and anti virus software is turned off for the installation... :(
  3. FloRyan

    VC Lighting Issue w/ FS2crew 777 1.1

    Already did a complete re-install of the 777 with no success :-(
  4. FloRyan

    VC Lighting Issue w/ FS2crew 777 1.1

    Same problem here!
  5. FloRyan

    PMDG 777 (module 1.4 - Sept 18)

    Works for both the 200 and 300. Just create different profiles for them.
  6. FloRyan

    Forthcoming Repaints

    Really great repaint, thanks for your work!
  7. FloRyan

    300ER Bad Cat 3 Autolands

    Just tried an autoland, too. I must say the flare is really short and the touchdown pretty hard. The 200LR did it better / smoother.
  8. FloRyan

    New 747-8 repaints

    Are you able to do the PMDG 747-400 repaint as well? I can't find a Fanhansa vor this one on the whole internet. Very sad... :(
  9. FloRyan


    MD-11 rocks!